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Balancing Revenues And Losses In Business

Dec 14, 2007
We need money to live in this world. There is nothing wrong with that in and of itself. However if I gave equal amounts of money to invest in an online business to two individuals I would bet you after 30 days the results would be quite different. It all boils down to how that money would be spent. One person will go out and look to make quick returns based on what is promised to him or her from various different promoters.

The other will realize what they have in their hands and want to educate themselves thoroughly on how to make it work. Then they will take what they have learned and begin to test it incrementally. Once the results are in they would build from there.

One individual is patient and the other is not. It's a funny thing because they say that if we evenly distributed all the worlds wealth to everybody living on the planet that within three years (don't quote me on the time) the money would be back in the same hands as it was previously.

Often times as affiliates we get consumed with the mechanics of marketing. We can go out there write articles do press releases, do our pay per click campaigns and so on but find we are like machines doing what we are told to do yet losing sight of the fact that people like ourselves are out there buying the products.
We lose that connection. We become more focused on the destination, as in the money to be made and do not understand the journey. Life is a journey until we end and if all we are doing is looking to the future then do we ever understand the present?

Connecting with people is imperative. People buy from people. No human being can succeed in isolation. So rather than go into the abstract here lets look at a typical example. For this example I am going to bring up keyword tools. As affiliates we rely heavily on them to find what people are searching for.

Did you know that there are many search phrases per day that have never been used before? What we tend to do is take the literal keywords and pop them into our advertising campaigns. This is mechanical. We are basically doing data entry.

So rather than doing that what we need to do is to find out what people are actually looking for and what they need help with, relative to any given keyword. How do you this? You take your given keyword then input it into Google with the keyword "forum" and see if there are any forums relative to that keyword. Once you find one, see what people are asking. Try and understand the essence of their problem and what they are looking for. In actual fact you can harvest some great keywords from forums.

The result is you now have even more keywords. Now relative to those keywords put phrases in front and after them. In the example of acne some one asked, "why are my pours getting so clogged"? So you would build more phrases such as blocked pours, clogged pours etc. You would also put the general keyword into your campaign. Then with a tool that tracks keywords coming into your sites you will see exactly what people searched for and once again you build on that.
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