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7 Low Cost No Cost Ways to Create a Teleseminar

Dec 14, 2007
Teleseminars represent excellent low cost ways to attract qualified leads to generate more business. With these tips you can now leverage the technology and reap the benefits of teleseminars. Find out more and read on!

a. Telephone bridge line: There might be instances where you only wish to record the conversation in the teleseminar. You may choose not to edit it later before sending it to clients or attendees of the teleseminar. In such cases you can easily make do with a low cost bridge line which also records the conversation.

b. Web control: There are plenty of no cost alternatives in teleseminars where you can easily view the number of participants attending. Via a web control panel you can view how many people are participating in the teleseminar. You can also mute as well as un-mute their lines from the web. These services are often available free of cost as part of the teleconference service.

c. Audio Acrobat/Audio Generator: These are paid solutions used to directly record teleseminars. You can easily leverage any one of these for a minimal monthly fee. What's great about the Audio Acrobat and the Audio Generator is that participants of the teleseminar can post their feedback and comments on the 24-hour open testimonial lines that come with these two solutions.

d. Computer/digital recording: There maybe situations where you only wish to record your own voice instead of all the other participants. In such cases, it works out cheaper to record your voice directly onto your computer. In such instances you really don't need to record on a teleconference bridge. Simply use a microphone or a digital recorder to record your voice into the computer.

e. Outsource: If your business doesn't have core expertise in audio editing, it is best to outsource it to en external firm. Costs will work out much cheaper and you will also be assured of a better quality job. You could outsource the editing of the audio recording to a third party service provider. Maybe you could even get a discounted package from the service provider comprising recording, editing and even transcribing.

f. Hosting considerations: If there aren't too many participants who will download the audio, your web hosting service provider should be able to meet your bandwidth requirements. However if you foresee plenty of downloads from users online, consider hiring the services of a third party service provider. This will work out less expensive.

g. Streaming or MP3 formats: The type of format you choose for your audio recordings will also determine the impact of your teleseminar. While a streaming audio file will necessarily mean the user has to be at the computer to listen, an MP3 format allows flexibility in transferring the file to a CD, an MP3 player and listening to your audio at leisure. There are many low cost MP3 recording options these days. Many even allow you to download free of cost which can prove to be beneficial if you happen to record audio files very often.

If the word 'Teleseminar' seems complicated, now you have 7 great methods that you can use to your advantage. Begin today. Why wait? You have everything to gain!
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