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How To Become A Private Eye

Dec 14, 2007
One of the fastest growing professions early in the 21st century is the private investigation business. That's no surprise given the nature of western society. Many would suggest we did it to ourselves.

The good news though is the opportunity it's provided many in the way of new careers. So how do you become a private eye?

The hard answer is to sign up and do a course somewhere which may not be an ideal scenario for many especially for those already in a profession. In this article, we'll give you a couple of handy tips which will hopefully set you on the path to becoming a private eye.

Go Straight To The PI Source

By this, we mean let your fingers do the walking and grab the yellow pages. Look for private eye businesses in your area and make a list of them. Simply contact each one and just ask them how to become a private eye.

It's good to get a cross reference from all of them. If you find five PI businesses and you get a good response from the first don't stop there. Continue on to the next because in all probability, you're likely to get a slightly different answer.

By the time you've finished speaking to the fifth business, you'll have gathered a lot of information which at first may seem confusing but what you've actually achieved is increased your knowledge about what it takes to join the private investigation business.

Ask For Part Time Work

This may not suit someone with a full time job but if you're serious then you can make it work. Ask each of the agencies whether you can help out in anyway. This could mean you would volunteer your services for free but it's on the job experience and beats any class room situation.

Offer to work part time for just a few hours a week. Tell them you're very keen to enter the private eye business and would be keen to learn from experienced PIs. In other words, sell yourself to them and let them know the skills you already possess.

Before you actually contact anyone, learn as much about the business as you can but avoid being a know-all when you speak with a representative at the agency. This offer should be for just a few hours a week but it will give you the opportunity to learn the business inside out.

The competition in how to become a private eye is really intensifying and the tactic above will give you an advantage over someone coming straight out of a course with no on the job experience.
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