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How To Increase Link Popularity

Dec 14, 2007
You have a fantastic website. You provide high quality content that makes your reader stay awhile. Now all you need is the traffic. Increase the number of links pointing to your website and you will get your traffic! It really is that simple!

The two types of links are one way links and reciprocal links. Search engines prefer one way links because these occur more naturally than a reciprocal link. This is because one way links commonly occur in conjunction with the high quality content on your website and in the articles you write.

While these techniques are quite easy and simple, do not underestimate their power to bring you free targeted traffic. So how do you this? Read on...

Hang out in forums relevant to your website theme. Join forums where you can give advice and also receive advice. Do not just submit a post for the sake of advertising and do not post any sales pitches or advertisements in your post. The forum moderator will likely delete it anyway and you will quickly become unpopular in the forum.

Always remember to offer value when posting in a forum. This will equate to 100% free advertising to your website. Each forum you belong to will give you an opportunity to enter a link to your website in the signature of your post.

Article Marketing
Article Marketing will be your most important and effective linking strategy. Each article that is written by you and submitted to the article directories gives you another opportunity to build one way links to your website. Focus most of your time on this strategy. Set a minimum goal of writing at least one article a week. You will find this to be the quickest and fastest way to increase your link popularity.

Blogging also creates another opportunity to build one way links. Each post that you make to your blog will include your one-way link back to your website. Those links will be associated with the high quality content of your posts.

Reciprocal Linking
Reciprocal linking involves the mutual exchange of links between two websites. Two websites owners agree to exchange links, usually through a link exchange directory. You will need to contact the website owners directly to ask for a link exchange. The main goal is to appeal more to search engines.

Online Directories
There are thousands of free online directories that will allow you to submit your URL. Just search for link directories in Google or any other search engine to find them. It will take a considerable amount time to submit your website to all the directories but you can potentially end up with hundreds of one way links to your website. That would be well worth the effort.

There are also paid directories. The Yahoo directory has the most impact, but it is rather expensive. Unless you have an unlimited start up budget, wait before submitting to this directory. Chances are there are already higher ranking websites listed so it probably won't be worth it for you at this point.

Link popularity is an important part of search engine optimization so devote some time to your linking campaign. Remember to always work smarter not harder. The bottom line is that you must perform these actions consistently. Your traffic will not increase overnight but over time your search engine ranking and traffic will increase and you will see your income increase.
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