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Rock`n Roll To The Home Business With Effective Keywords

Dec 14, 2007
Do you want to be on the first place with your home business site on the search engines result page? I am sure your answer is yes, because the number one site gets around 60 % of all clicks from that page. Now the job is to find out ways how to climb to that place. The key is to think like the customer of the search engine.

The job of the search engine is to produce the result page, which fits best to the information request the searcher has done. So it must have the criterias for the best page, for the second best page etc. By researching the top pages, we have learnt these criterias, despite of the fact that the engines will change them all the time.

The angle, which the engines use, is the popularity angle, i.e. if other sites link to a certain site, they in a way vote for this site, and this means that they are popular and useful for other sites. These links must be related and from high quality, i.e. popular sites. So the more backlinks the site has, the higher the search engine will place it. These offpage factors represent around 90 % of the ranking factors.

So do all keywords offer the same kind of opportunity to rank high? No and this is very important. Different home business keyowords offer very different chances for the high page rank, so we have to make a decent keyword research with a quality software.
The criterias for an effective home business keyword is that it is related to your topic, has enough daily searches and that your home business site can beat the top site as to the amount of backlinks. You see, the high search engine ranking is a competition about the best place, you really have to win the present leader. And before you can do that you have to know, why the leader is the leader?

You can start the research from the onpage research. If the top site has done that poorly, that can be one of your chances. The keywords should be placed in the title, subject, keyword list, alt tags and all over the copy. These keywords should then be used in the anchor texts of the written articles. These anchor texts will make the article and the landing page related and then raise the site higher on the result page.

But other home business keywords are more competed than the others, how can you find out those and pick the best ones? Ok, there are softwares, which have the so called KEI figure for each of the home business keywords. This indicates the ratio between the demand and the supply, i.e. makes it possible to find a low competition, but high demand keywords.

It is wise to start the keyword research by entering some very general keyword, like home business, into the software. Now the program will produce a lot of related keywords of which you will select the best ones according to the KEI figure. Note, that you will need tens or maybe hundreds of keywords, because the keywords will loose their power every now and then.

When you have started to raise your home business site higher on the result page, you can very easily follow the development. One of the best ways is to write optimized articles and to distribute them widely online. Now the effect of this system can be checked maybe once a week. You will also see the effect of the competition. Maybe some other webmaster has seen the same opportunity, which means heavier competition.

If you think long term, the useful and fresh content, which responds to the needs of the visitor, is the best way to get backlinks, because then other home business entrepreneurs see your site so interesting that they will bookmark it, which is an ideal way.
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