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Guide to Website Hosting Plans

Dec 16, 2007
One of the important aspects of developing a website is to follow a guide to website hosting plans. Websites can be constructed with one web page to thousands of pages.

Websites, like this one, display specially formatted documents. These documents are formatted with a special language of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). HTML documents are called web pages that make up websites.

A web host will then make sure their web servers handle the chores of the various websites they contain. These chores include monitoring internet traffic, moving websites from one server to another, deleting old websites, and adding new customer's websites.

When you follow a guide to website hosting plans, you realize they come in four basic types.


There are many web hosting companies out there on the internet. All will rent you space on their servers and offer you a wide range of services.

So where is one to start, when it comes to picking the right web host? The most important factor is making sure that the host provides everything you need.

For example, will you have an e-commerce site or a personal, information only site you share with just family and friends? These two types of sites have very stark differences in the services they need to operate effectively.

SUB DOMAIN - web plans that do not have their own web domain name. These websites reside in a sub directory of a primary domain. Including both free and paid web hosting plans, these types are cheaper and easier to set up than other plans. You also do not have to worry about registering a domain name.

A plan of this type is great for a personal website you share with friends and family. It would be less effective for an e-commerce site though. The major drawback being name recognition, since your website will be like branches off of a larger tree. The URLs of your websites would be longer and harder to remember.

VIRTUAL, a step above sub domain is a type of web host plan is the most common on the internet. With a higher price though, there is more freedom with content, size, and usage.

DEDICATED SERVER and COLOCATION Servers are the heavy hitters in the web hosting world. Dedicated plans, in the guide to website hosting plans, offer servers with a great deal of options and a large amount of tech support from the web host staff.

Power users of these hosting plans get a highly polished site with room for large amounts of data. Also, optimum levels of service, usage and control come with these site hosting plans.

Colocation is identical to dedicated except the server is owned by the user. The colocated server is located in the web host's facility. They use the web host's links to the internet and the provider's server buildings and infrastructure.
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