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Ecommerce Storefront - Comparing The Products

Dec 16, 2007
There are almost as many different ecommerce storefront options, shopping carts and software programs these days as there are products sold on the Internet. If you compare and contrast the many different online stores you visit, you'll notice that some are extremely elaborate while others are basic in their design. What's interesting is that it isn't always the most elaborate websites that encourage sales. It's more a product of the quality of a site than how complex it is.

Unfortunately, many people starting up their first retail website make errors in judgment regarding how they should be designed and organized. They may choose a design they like on a site where they've shopped or a design that was eye-catching.

However, what works for one site won't necessarily work for another. An ecommerce storefront that's spectacular for selling women's shoes may be completely wrong for selling automobile sound systems.

There are many different kinds of software programs you can buy to support selling products on a website. Shopping carts are best for simple sites.

The most basic is the electronic shopping cart, which is designed to make selecting, purchasing and inventorying the products you sell on your site. These programs are generally add-ons to a site that's already been set up. It provides the final interactive part of the customers' online shopping experience. You provide the remainder of the site, product images and descriptions, your company information, and other general information. You can purchase the license to a shopping cart program outright or you can pay a monthly fee to use one.

In most cases, a shopping cart solution is reserved for relatively simple websites with a smaller inventory that doesn't require a lot of interaction or changeability.

Ecommerce storefront software is ideal for the entrepreneur who hasn't yet built his or her website but is ready to set up for business. It's also excellent for any company that requires maximum flexibility and the ability to add additional products or services easily. Basically, ecommerce storefronts can grow with the website indefinitely.

These storefront solutions have templates that you can customize to provide the right look and feel for your site. Many of the companies that provide ecommerce storefronts also give users guidance and support so that they can find and use the best possible template for their site and will host the website for a monthly fee.

An ecommerce storefront generally includes a database function so that users can continually update and revise their inventory, prices and special offers. The programs are also very user-friendly, generally set up so that changes can easily be made without any knowledge of HTML needed.

One advantage of an ecommerce storefront solution is that the templates provided are extremely varied in style but with a common denominator, professional looks and navigation capabilities. You're guaranteed an end result website that won't look amateurish and will have a consistent look across pages that will give your website legitimacy and appeal.

When you're ready to consider one of the many products available, be sure to ask questions and determine how each package can meet your online store's needs. You'll soon be up and running.
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