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The Best Broadband Suppliers: Find Your High Speed Connection

Dec 16, 2007
If you have grown tired of borrowing the home phone line to check your email, then you will appreciate the speed and "always on" aspect of broadband Internet. Even if you already have a dedicated line to an Internet Service Provider, a high speed connection will make a dramatic difference in how you use the Internet. Until recently, choices were very limited. However, there are a number of options now and it is worth considering the following before making the leap to the 21st century:


Even though the slowest broadband service will be faster than your pokey modem, there are different speeds (and of course prices) with broadband service. The minimum target should be in the 512k BPS, which would make the service approximately ten times faster than the best standard modem for downloads. Uploads are faster than modems but still lag well behind on upload (sending files) speed. Make sure that your provider has an upgrade plan when you want to turbo-charge your connection for movies and other bandwidth-hungry media.


Those who say that money is no object have not opened a phone bill recently! The highest speeds (upwards of 3M BPS) are typically reserved for business users, who can afford the steep monthly charges. But most home and small office customers can find a provider with a 1M BPS plan that should only cost two times the price of their former dial-up ISP. This is a tremendous bargain when you consider the time and productivity advantages you will gain.


Often the "same as dial-up" prices will only be valid for a few months, or require a lengthy contract commitment to maintain the bargain. You may have to maintain all products, and at least the same level of service. Check the fine print on the offer, and if it sounds too good to be true, well, you know the rest.


A consideration is whether you want to get rid of your home phone line when you ditch your old ISP. It is typically less expensive, although make sure all the features you liked from traditional phone service are in place. Since digital phone service is now possible, investigate a combined plan that bundles Internet, phone and perhaps even cable or satellite TV service.


If you do not already have a wireless router, many providers will lease (or sell) you one to make your broadband connection truly a charm. Not only will you be surfing and downloading at lightning speed, but you will do it without a cable in sight.

Disappearing are the days of busy phone lines and creaky dial-up speeds. Consider these simple points before launching your speed skyward and putting your old modem out to pasture.
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