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Ordering Contact Lens Online

Dec 16, 2007
Most people will obtain a prescription for contact lenses through an eye care specialist in their hometown, but will order replacement contact lenses through the internet because they are more affordable. Some people may not be aware that there is a difference between the numbers provided for prescriptions for eyeglasses and those that are written for contact lens and when they enter eyeglass prescription's online, they are surprised to get an alert to contact their eye care specialist as soon as possible.

The process for ordering contact lens through an internet retailer is relatively simple if the person has a prescription to refer to. Some people misplace the prescription but are still able to place an order for contact lenses because the prescription will be written on the side of the box that the original pair of contact lenses came in. With these numbers in hand, a person can order as many pairs of contacts that they need, and ordering a replacement for one lens that was lost is easy to do.

Some of the information that will be needed to order contact lenses through the internet will be the prescription digits that pertain to the base curve, the diameter, and the power specifications for the left eye and right eye. Some prescription do not spell out which eye the digits belong to but will include initials instead. The left eye digits will be defined by the letters OS, and the right eye digits will be represented by the initials OD. The prescription could specify a specific lens color, or leave that option open to the wearer.

A contact lens wearer will make many discoveries about contact lens when they enter a contact lens retail site. They might not be prepared for the number of choices that they have in the type of lens that can be ordered, and the styles of the lenses that can be chosen. Some people prefer to change their contact lenses each day and daily wear contacts would be a good choice. Other people explore the possibilities of the contacts that can be worn for one or two weeks before changing.

All of these possibilities are dependent on the specifications indicated in the prescription. Some contact lens prescriptions will require special handling and the person will have to place the order by telephone, or they might be asked to fax the prescription to a special area that will handle the manufacturing. There are certain vision needs that require certain perimeters in the eye to be exact and people with these special needs will not be able to order online without some person to person contact.

One of the benefits of ordering contact lenses online is that the customer can shop and compare at many sites before placing an order. There are many discounts offered through the internet for ordering larger quantities of contact lens at one time. The price per box will be identified upfront and customers can refer back to other styles to compare the difference in prices between two or twenty contact lens companies without worrying about being rushed or feeling pressed to place an order.
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