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Mistakes to Avoid in a Business

Dec 17, 2007
Network marketing and MLM are businesses that can make you a good living. However many people go into this business model without much thought as to how it really works. Network marketing is a unique type of business involving marketing products and working with your team members. Many new entrepreneurs start with this model and have no idea how tricky it can be. It is not really a business model that should be taken on by the uninitiated as it takes some skill and planning to make it work. This is the reason that many new network marketers make many mistakes when they first start out.

However if you understand the business and avoid these mistakes you stand a good chance of making some serious money.

1. Money will not just fall into your lap from spill over: you will need to work hard marketing, selling and building your team. Added to this you will need to work with your team members and help them succeed. One of the most common mistakes for new network marketers is relying on so called spillover and not working to grow your business yourself. No business can run without hard work and discipline and money does not come free.

2. Not training your team members: You team members join up because of your recommendation. You are obligated to help them to achieve their goals for success. They trusted you when they joined and there is no reason to let them down. Many people make this mistake with their team members. As soon as they join contact them and offer them help to get up and running. Remember their success is your success.

3. Not having a system for success: It is impossible for the blind to lead the blind, but this is too often the case with network marketing and MLM. When you first join an opportunity, you contact your upline for a little help to get started. If you are lucky they reply, and usually do not have much advice except the standard "just buy some leads." This is not what you are meant to do. Many people know how to recruit new members but do not have a system for success. Without this they are unable to tell their team members how to be successful and eventually the disappointed members leave.

4. Relying on recruiting rather than selling the product: This is another big mistake that is very common in MLM marketing. People simply lose focus on the whole idea of network marketing. When you just rely on recruiting with no product it is a pyramid scam and you will not make money. Always focus on selling product and your customers will become your team members. Because they like the product they will be happy to sell to others and your team will grow. Recruiting team members to help you sell product and build their business is the essence of network marketing.

5. Joining the wrong company: Be careful to choose the right company or you can lose a lot of money. It is critical to do your research on the company you want to join before you spend a dime of your hard earned money.
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Zach Thompson is a 23 year-old network marketer & marketing consultant. Why Starting a Small Home Business?
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