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Ten Phenomenal Ways To Plug In Extra Profits

Dec 17, 2007
1. Attend trade shows and seminars that are related to your specific industry. Pass out business cards or brochures about your business. Of course, such material can contain special offers or coupons.

2. Swap articles with other e-zine publishers. You could get your articles published more often if in exchange you publish their articles.

3. Ask people to link to your site's content. Some people may not want to link to your home page but might want to link to your relevant content. Actually offer discounts for linking to your content or home page.

4. Convert your web site into an e-book or audio book. You could offer your book as a free bonus for your product or another business' product. If you charge for the book, you can make more money by having different but related material in the e-book and in the audio files. For instance, sell an e-book on Internet marketing and audio files explaining the book more clearly. Both can contain other offers and rebates.

5. Create e-books for other web sites or businesses. You could create them for no charge in exchange for an ad or mention of your web site inside the e-book. Try to make that mention lead to sales that you can easily track to the book. For instance, offer a discount to customers who mention a special offer hidden inside the book.

6. Team up with at least eight to ten other sites to promote the same web site. Just include everyone's products on the web site you are all promoting together. Do not, however, team up with too many sites or advertise too many products at once on the same site. You want each product to have a chance to get noticed, not to get lost among many similar offers. But you can do the same thing with more sites.

7. Give free email consultations to your customers. When you email them back your advice, include a small ad for a back-end product you are selling. Alternatively, you could charge for your consultations but wave the consultation fees if your customers agree to advertise your product in a simple, discreet way that does not cost them much, such as linking to your site or adding a small add for your product on their site.

8. Encourage your customers or visitors to ask you questions about your product or web site by emailing you. Just include your signature file with your reply.

9. Give out free web space on your server. Many of your visitors may want to publish their own web site but lack resources or know-how. Just require that they publish your banner ad on their web sites.

10. Design web sites for other businesses for free. Just require them to publish your banner or text ad somewhere on their home page. However, since creating professionally-designed web sites is in itself a good business opportunity, only offer for free a basic web site that does not take long to create if you know what you are doing, and that the customer may want to upgrade.
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The author is a Montreal Web marketing professional who is providing free reviews of the best opportunities to make money on the Internet at http://www.opportunitiesataglance.com. She is a graduate of Concordia University who also worked as a translator (English to French) and proofreader.
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