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Google Adsense Strategies - Anticipating And Maximizing Holiday Season Revenue

Dec 17, 2007
While the Christmas holiday season is generally one of the most lucrative for retailers of all types, many participants in the AdSense program have noticed a marked decrease in AdSense revenue surrounding holidays like July 4th, Thanksgiving and even Christmas. AdSense revenue can be quite unpredictable, of course, and this can present quite a challenge to those who rely on the program for all or a significant portion of their incomes.

Many of those who have participated in the AdSense program for a period of time have taken note of this trend, and at times the fluctuations can make little sense. While some fluctuations in revenue, such as those surrounding various holidays, can be easy to predict, other changes in revenue can be more difficult to diagnose. No matter what the reasons for these fluctuations, they represent just one more reason why it is so important for participants in the AdSense program to carefully track their results over time.

Offsetting the disconcerting effect holidays can have on AdSense revenue is the fact that the period of time approaching the winter holidays can provide a great deal of income and AdSense revenue. The key to getting in on the boom is to structure the business in a way that will maximize this benefit while minimizing the holiday effect. How are you going to do that?

One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to get your AdSense code in place and properly formatted long before the holiday shopping season has arrived. It is a good idea to get the pages you will use online well ahead of time in order to make sure that the search engines have had adequate time to index and categorize them. This long time horizon will also give you plenty of time for any tweaks or fine tuning that may be needed.

Building links is another way to derive maximum benefit from the run-up to the holiday season. Building links to your new pages will help them rank more highly in the search engines, and this in turn can help to boost your AdSense revenue.

Thinking ahead is important in any business, of course, but the ability to forecast and profit from future trends is even more critical when it comes to deriving web based revenue from programs such as Google AdSense. It is important to note, for instance, that Google has been lengthening the time between re-indexing its sites, meaning that it may take longer than before for new additions to the site, new pages or new content to be discovered, indexed and categorized. Having a good timing strategy in place will help to minimize the impact of any such changes.

And of course it helps to prepare a budget that takes into account the somewhat unpredictable nature of web based revenue. It can be difficult to pay steady bills with unsteady revenue, but using the good months to build up cash reserves can help the business ride out the down times much more easily and comfortably.
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