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How To Select New Project Metrics

Dec 18, 2007
Managers and executives of a company should be very much active in planning and devising principles and measures to help make the business improve profitability. In doing so, they are tasked to look at strategies that would help the company attain an effective overall synergy. Focus is particularly required if the company is starting a new project. To do so, new project metrics should be looked at and set for implementation.

To begin with, when formulating and setting new project metrics, managers and executives should ensure that their goals and operational plans are reflecting the need to consider the needs and preference of customers and consumers, who would buy and subscribe the product or service. At the same time, they need to make sure that the company or organization's already implemented and adopted internal operations metrics are complementary and not in conflict with the new project metrics. This way, success and effectiveness of the new project would be ensured.

The new projects metrics should focus at the same time with the four core operational perspectives, namely financial, customer, internal and learning perspectives. This would be the main guide in the formulation of the new project metrics. Accordingly, there should be a balance that should be set governing the four operational areas of manufacturing.

Financial. When setting new projects, ample consideration should be applied when looking at cost projections. To do so, make a rundown of estimates regarding inventory, costs per unit, poor quality costs and production and labor costs. As part of new project metrics, projected financial aspects should satisfy expectations for new project savings and profits.

Customer. New project metrics include provisions for customers because this factor governs quality and timeliness of production and the produce. If your new project is prioritizing customer satisfaction, it follows that quality is ensured or improved. When quality is upheld, you know what follows. Customers patronize the products resulting to higher revenues and eventually, great profits. Giving quality service to customers should be the main and primary goal of projects and businesses.

Compliance with internal business processes. For sure, your company must already have internal business processes already in place. New projects should not strive to modify or change those already effective internal controls. Instead, the new project should cope up and support the internal processes already in place. To do this, the new project should consider shipment volume, supplier quality, inspection and controls of defects, cycle time and hours spent on rework.

Employee learning. Adopting the popular Six Sigma tools for companies, you should note that continuous learning should be instilled on employees. That is because it has been proven that if growth and learning are instilled on employees, operations are gaining on the long term. That is because the personnel would be smarter, more resourceful and more knowledgeable when performing tasks and doing job activities within the workplace. New projects should be designe d in a way that employees would be encouraged and set up to learn more tasks, skills and ideas related to the job.
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