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Web Design Breaking Down The Walls

Dec 18, 2007
The Internet has broken down multiple walls between cultures, generations and economic boundaries. The Internet is available to anyone. While this is certainly a powerful dynamic this article is not about your ability to connect with a worldwide consumer base.

The broken down walls that I'm talking about come in the form of access to a wide variety of talented freelancers who can kick your website up a notch.

An online business owner can tap into the developed talent pool featuring writers, photographers, code experts and video and audio streaming specialists. All of whom can bring their own wealth of expertise to any given project or collaboration.

Let me give you an example of these broken down walls. In the world of publishing there are writers who send in material to be reviewed with the potential for publishing. Often what is sent is not a close enough fit with what the publishing company feels they need. Many publishers have begun to use the internet to network with writers, illustrators, editors and fact checkers to develop projects on a 'work for hire' basis that allows the publishing company to draw from a countrywide talent pool to develop a singular project that closely aligns with their original idea for publishing.

This is the same concept for web design. You have the ability to work with global talent to match your needs when it comes to your site design and content needs utilizing experts in the specific design elements you may need.

Not everyone is gifted in all areas of site design. Typically a web designer is gifted at layout, but may not be overly conscious of what makes for good content. On the other hand a content producer may not be especially interested in learning how to make the words look nice in the finished page design. Online graphic art companies like istock and clipart.com allow you to find artistic elements that compliment your site design while remaining cost effective and as non-intrusive as you need them to be.

By the very nature of freelancing a solid team can be put together that works for your good. If you had to hire each of these professionals to work in your firm the cost would likely be prohibitive, but when called upon these professionals can perform the needed tasks efficiently and affordably.

There is something satisfying about developing and completing a project all by yourself, but if you don't have the patience or maybe even the expertise you'd like when it comes to web design and functionality then it might be time to call in the freelancers. The good news is they work for you only when you need them. When you get to the point where you can manage some of the design elements on your own then you simply stop contacting the freelancers for help the area you have become skilled in.

Freelancers fill in the gaps until you are ready to do it yourself, but it's also good to know they are just a click away whenever you need to reassemble to team.
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