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From Loser To Leader: How You Can Become A Top Income Earner

Dec 18, 2007
As trite as this may sound, the secret to becoming the top income earner in any Internet marketing or affiliate program is, simply, your state of mind. Earl Nightingale, the late, great speaker, writer and motivational trainer expressed it best when he declared, "We become what we think about."

If you want to be the leader, think like a leader! Sounds simple enough. Why, then, do the vast majority of marketers fall short of that goal? Well, sadly to say, the problem lies in the strength of their thoughts or intensity of desire. That is, in their ability to truly focus on the goal and actually stick with it long enough to transfer the dream from thought to reality. To be successful, pick your best program and stick to it. Stay committed. Don't waste time, effort and momentum by giving up too soon or continually switching to new opportunities. After investing energy and resources into an opportunity, why risk flushing it away before it has a proper chance to prove its value? The seeds you plant today need to be nourished in order to produce the harvest of tomorrow.

We all desire massive Internet business success. We all envision spectacular results from our marketing efforts. We all bubble with awe-inspiring enthusiasm in the early stages of our quest for online domination. But when success doesn't come fast enough, when we are not the overnight marketing sensation we expected to be, our enthusiasm fades, our vision clouds and our desire dampens. That is where doubt separates the losers from the leaders. By loser I mean those who give up too soon and lose the reward that could easily be right around the corner.

In contrast, leaders have a different mindset. True achievers aren't thinking about failure. They're thinking about success, about the best things they can do to move forward. That is the kind of focus that intensifies commitment, and commitment electrifies action. Action gets results. And results are where the money is.

Another valuable idea I picked up from Earl Nightingale is if you want to accelerate your progress, learn everything you can from the leaders. Find out what they are doing for success, learn to do it as well as they do, then find ways to do it better! Innovate. But first, you must completely master their methods and systems. There are no shortcuts. You cannot improve on a process until you thoroughly understand what makes it effective. If you can learn it and master it, you can improve on it. Then comes the most exciting step: sharing your innovations with others. You then develop as the new leader and as your base of appreciative subscribers grows, so do your financial rewards.

When you combine proven success techniques learned from the leaders with a personal mindset of focus and commitment, your foundation for online success is secure. Remember, followers can and do succeed, but leaders are the ones who truly achieve and the rewards are far greater when you reach the top.
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