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Empower Your Career With Computers

Dec 18, 2007
Lets be honest, today's world is dominated by computers, whether you know it or not, they organise us, look after us, manage us and can even save our lives. Unless you live in a cave, without electricity, you probably encounter computers every day. In fact with technology improving constantly and scientists finding more useful applications to use computers, the future will see use relying more and more on computers.

Since we already are in the digital age, why dont you take a byte of the action? Moving into a career in computing is a wise step. Employees without basic computing skills are at a severe disadvantage these days and it's only going to get worse. The younger generations have grown up with technology all their lives; therefore operating a computer is second nature. Meanwhile older generations have been forced to adapt, some more successfully than others.

A career in computing today is not as nerdy as it sounds. With the average salary of an IT professional in the UK being 34500 pounds, a massive 12500 pounds above the UK average, it is certainly a well paid profession. As for flexibility, IT has to be one of the best. With technology advances including virtual private networks, email and of course the World Wide Web, working in the office can be a thing of the past. IT allows employees to work when they want and where they want.

The stereotypical view of the pale, pasty, pizza loving personnel in IT is as out of date as the floppy disk. IT has an opportunity to suit almost everyone, from designers to DJs, animators to architects, programmers to police officers; almost every possible industry sector has a demand for IT.

IT careers actually are not as complicated as they might seem, technology has made IT easier and easier over the years. To apply for a job in IT a little bit of experience is just as good as a degree, provided you have good communication skills, a keen mind and a willingness to learn, many companies will provide all the training required. Additionally if you want to start learning IT from scratch, or simply dont feel your IT skills are adequate there are hundreds of courses, magazine and tutors available and many more available on the net, all keen to help tell you the difference between an apple and cookies.

So what is stopping you moving to a successful, motivating and rewarding career in IT? At least job security will not be a worry, computers are not going to disappear overnight and what is more you could start your own little internet business on the side, build it up over time and have a nice nest egg for retirement!
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John Mce writes on behalf of Arc Consultancy, the experts in IT recruitment , you can find your perfect IT job to suit any skill level. Find IT jobs to suit you now!
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