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The Construction Managers Job Outlook

Dec 18, 2007
Construction Managers manage and plan construction projects. They also work as general superintendents, construction superintendents, general construction managers, project engineers, or executive construction managers. The job title of the "construction manager" is usually reserved for self-employed or salaried individuals who monitor construction workers and supervisors.

They work on large-scale projects as general contractors and are primarily responsible for every aspect of a given project. Very often, these general contractors have sub-contractors working under them and these sub-contractors supervise specialized work like electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating. Constructing managers have to manage activities and ensure that every activity complies with the engineering and architectural specifications and drawings. Usually, a team of construction managers manages the large-scale projects, wherein every construction manager is assigned with a particular aspect of the project.

Construction managers are supposed to create a schedule that divides the given tasks into a string of logical steps. A well-devised schedule helps managers for predetermining budgets and deadlines. These schedules mostly include the time coordination and the allotting of work to subcontractors. Construction managers are also expected to establish the labor requirements and accordingly employ workers and supervisors. In times of unexpected tricky situations, managers are required to modify their schedules.

Construction managers are expected to track cost overrides, devise reports, obtain building permits, schedule deliveries, monitor progress, check for compliance with building codes, and meet with architects, owners, and engineers.

Education and Training

Given below are the standard educational qualifications needed for the job of a construction manager:

. Bachelor's degree in construction management, construction, or building science.
. Certified Training from any industry-sponsored educational program.

Construction manager need ample experience in the construction industry, as well as a strong background in building management, science, and business, which are significant characteristics of the construction job.

On the Job

Construction manager usually work from the temporary office located at a construction site or the main office. Construction manager is required to take decisions while dealing with bad weather, delays, and any unanticipated complications. According to the need of the hour, many times construction workers have to stick to a deadline and even work for long hours.

Construction managers constantly monitor job-site conditions and alter their plans appropriately. They always have to be up-to-date with the latest safety issues and subsequently have to adhere to the given specifications and regulations.

Construction managers also analyze blueprints and create budgets, monitor specifications, estimate labor and material needs, track costs and sequence tasks.

A construction manager has to learn to be an intermediary between clients and workers. He should be able to take responsibility and needs to have a wide variety of skills and knowledge. His job may test his knowledge in plumbing, handling electrical boards and working manually with colleagues on site. He should have in-depth knowledge of modern construction techniques, reading and analyzing blueprints and has to manage expenses. The construction work as such demands an organized and discipline lifestyle. A candidate looking forward to a career as a construction manager should have an eye for detail, a good vision and a conceptual understanding of all the modules present in the construction process. Such a comprehensive understanding comes over time and is acquired through experience.
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