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Project Management Careers in the Construction Industry

Dec 18, 2007
Building construction and renovation is becoming increasingly complex with each passing day. It is also subject to a plethora of construction related laws adding to the technical complexities. In such circumstances, all big construction projects require a project manager with excellent construction management skills to enable the project to be successfully completed. Any project manager entrusted with such a job would not only need a specialized college/university degree, but also extensive experience in the industry.

In the emerging scenario creating a need for specialists in construction management, many universities are now offering specially designed courses leading to degrees in construction management. Encompassing all areas in the field of construction such as building codes and standards, accounting, contract administration, value analysis, financial management, project control and management etc., construction management education can provide the desired specialization.

The construction manager is supposed to evaluate and help to determine the appropriate construction delivery systems based on the best cost-effective plan and schedule for completing a project on time. This requires dividing all required activities at the construction site into logical steps and create a 'time budget' to avoid missing deadlines. This is done through sophisticated estimating and scheduling techniques that involve the use of computers loaded with specialized software.

Formal university education in project management for construction includes training on the latest construction related software programs and technologies that are used in the construction industry. The course covers the process and techniques of project management for construction that ensure project completion in a timely and cost-effective manner. To optimize performance of some process at a particular level may not be beneficial in the end, if it implies additional costs and delays elsewhere. The course thus includes a focus on costs involved; of which construction costs is just one portion.

There are many universities that provide internships/apprenticeships as part of the degree program and help students of construction project management find a place within live construction projects. This way the student is able to get 'hands on' knowledge and experience of the gamut of project management in construction and is able to learn the skills for effectively managing contractors and employees and technical specialists like architects and civil engineers and common construction laborers. This type of experience is preferred by employers looking for suitable construction management employees and very often leads to full time positions being offered to apprentices armed with a degree after having successfully graduated.

There is no doubt that project management for construction offers a challenging career path. Sufficient education and training allows an aspirant to adequately equip himself for pursuing a career in the field. There is an increasing demand for qualified construction project management professionals today. Figures available with the National Association of College and Employers relating to the year 2002 reveal that the average salary for a position in construction project management was approx. $63,500. These high salaries are accompanied by bonuses, health benefits, company provided vehicles etc. It is highly rewarding intellectually, economically and socially as well.
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