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How To Attract Repeat Visitors

Dec 18, 2007
It has been said time and again that you build websites by offering valuable content on a well designed site that is easy to navigate. That allows them to search through your content and find what interests them.

A content rich website is a good starting point, but if your goal is for repeat visitors you are going to need to do more. When a visitor comes back they do not want to see the same content that was there on their last visit. If they do, they likely will not return again.

What incentive is there? Quality content is the leading reason that visitors will return to your site. If you want to have repeat visitors over time you need to update your content frequently. It can be daily or weekly, but on a consistent basis you have to provide something new for your visitors.

The more you provide, the more likely they will be to return to your site again and the more frequently.

To provide new content does not mean that you need to change everything on your site. You can easily update the content of your site by adding a new relevant article or post on your blog. You can even go farther by letting your visitors know your schedule for adding content. It will increase your chances of being bookmarked. If you don't tell them you make regular updates they could assume that you don't.

So post the schedule of when you make updates to make it easy for visitors to check back. Make the schedule easy for visitors to find and remember.

So they found you and bookmarked your site, but what if they forget to check back for your updates? One way to beat this problem is by offering an opt-in email newsletter to inform those interested when an update has occurred.

If you go the extra mile by staying in touch with your visitors, they in turn will stay in touch with you though repeat visits.

When you send out a notice as you update your site, you can include a snippet of the new article or post that you published. This can intrigue them enough to click the link and read the rest of the article.

If you are delivering quality content to those interested you will cause them to open your emails in anticipation of what is coming next. They will want to visit your site again to get the rest of the story.

Try breaking up your content into pieces. Make a part I, II and so on for release in subsequent weeks. You increase your chances to stay in their thoughts and increasing your repeat traffic.

Make your new content easy to find on your website by providing a space on your main page for new blog posts or latest articles. When you offer quality content that is easily accessible and offered in intriguing way your visitors will be more inclined to come back for a repeat visit.

The content that you offer should be compelling and unique. Bad content can frighten visitors away as quickly as quality content brings them.
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