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Make Money With Your Blog: The Clean And The Dirty Methods

Aug 17, 2007
Making money with your blog is not a hard process. However, there are MANY different paths that you can take in creating your new income stream. You can make a blog to promote affiliate products, a blog to promote solely the Google Adsense program, or you can ever create blogs to promote your own websites.

If you are going to use blogs to make money with affiliate programs, I suggest you find the main keyword subject of your blog, and type it into google like this:

"affiliate program" keyword

This will help you find affiliate products to promote on your blog. Once you find an affiliate program that you would like to promote you can gather the linking codes and add them to your blog's template. You can also use Clickbank.com to help find affiliate products to promote. Clickbank pays you twice a month which is great, because you get the money you made from your blog really fast. Just go to clickbank.com and click "Promote Products" and enter your search terms in the top-left corner.

If you are going to use Adsense to monetize your blog then I suggest that you get some articles ghostwritten for you. Ghostwriting means getting someone else to write the articles for you, so you don't have to do anything. I am currently paying $8 for a 600-700 word article, so base the prices you pay from that. There are a few sites that you can get ghost writers from, here are 3:


Remember though, if you find someone willing to work for just a few dollars an article, the quality may be very poor. I suggest you do NOT use people from India when getting articles ghost written, as English isn't their native language. Make sure you also get a sample article from the ghost writer before you select them for your project. You need to make sure they have good writing ability and that you like their style of writing.

Now that you've gotten your articles, all you have to do is put your Adsense code on your blog template, and post an article every day or every other day. After you are done posting make sure you 'ping' your blog (bring spiders to distribute the content), this will make sure that you will have some traffic coming to your blog!

Now, if you want to just use your blogs to promote your own websites in the search engines, then I suggest you only use Blogger.com blogs. These blogs have a "weight" to them because they are a subdomain on Blogspot.com, which is PageRank 10. These blogs can get your websites indexed in as little as 2 days!

You need to be creating 5 new blogs per day per website that you are trying to get indexed with Blogger because they will delete blogs. This is not uncommon and it even happens to people that have personal blogs not promoting anything. However, this is not a reason to avoid them - you are the one who will be losing out on the fast search engine indexing.

For Blogger.com, I suggest that you create blogs with the following settings:

- Change the blogger template from NOINDEX/NOFOLLOW to INDEX/FOLLOW: This tells the search engine spiders to INDEX the blog and FOLLOW the links on the page.
- Remove the blogger bar at the top of every blog you create: To do this you must edit the template, and replace the body html tag with this code:

noembed tag, body tag, close no embed tag.

- Notify Weblogs.com
- Show 1 Day of Posts on the Front Page
- Archive Posts Daily
- Non-Public Blogger Blog (Unless you are adding Adsense to the blog) - this way no one can find your blog from the Blogger.com web site, you only want the search engine spiders to find it from pinging.

If you go as fast as you can you can create about one blog every 5 minutes. If you don't want to do this whole process you can try using BloggerGenerator.

Now that you have your blogs created you have to post links to your websites. Post them in normal link format, from 10-100 links each post. After each post make sure that you ping your blog at Pingomatic.com or Pingoat.com. Post to these blogs twice daily or at least every day until Blogger has removed them. If you get lucky your blogs won't even get removed and perhaps even get PageRank on the next update!

Making money with your blog is not challenging at all as you can see. If you start right now you could begin to see profits by as early as tomorrow morning. Make sure you use this information and not let it sit in the back of your mind!
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Joseph Tierney works full-time on the internet. He enjoys 5-figure Google Adsense checks every month. Click the following link to Make Money From Your Blog.
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