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Ezines And Product Development

Dec 20, 2007
Perhaps one of the greatest problems with ezines development is that business owners start publishing before they really understand what they are doing.

What I mean by that is that while many businesses recognize the potential marketing value of an ezine they don't always have a clear idea of how to do the task of product development for their ezine. To be honest this is an asset for entrepreneurs, but the tendency might need to be curbed a bit when it comes to developing an ezine.

If you publish an ezine before your have at least a moderate handle on what you need to do the resulting publication can come across as amateurish and may contain too many glaring errors to be taken seriously. Even if you improve from the initial editions it may be hard to retain some of those initial readers who may not take you seriously.

It is possible to utilize a voluntary editor. This would be a person who has some understanding of ezines, if not in execution at least in consistent consumption of other ezines. They have an understanding of what makes for a solid ezine and what may need to be set aside.

This volunteer editor can work with you to help locate material suitable for ezine development. You might even have someone on staff that has some skill in this. Consider delegating, thereby utilizing the team assets at your disposal.

One of the problems inherent in every team leader is that he or she often responds in one of two ways when it comes to new projects. Either they insist on doing everything themselves or they delegate everything.

In the first scenario they haven't take time to adequately assess the talent that may already exist in their team. In the second scenario the team leader doesn't demonstrate leadership through example.

In both cases the team may feel as if the team leader does not care for either their abilities or their personhood.

Like almost every other skill in management you must find a balance that allows you to rely on your team and allow them to see you as a reliable leader.

So it is with ezine development. Help in every way you can, but rely on the gifts and abilities of those who may be willing to help you achieve your goals.

Make sure the person assigned to work on the ezine knows you're interested in the process, that you want to continue to learn more and that you value their ability in ezine development.

If you don't continue to show an interest the unintended message you convey may be similar to the old adage, "He worked a good horse to death."

If your ezine editor feels taken advantage of they may either build a wall of resentment while they continue to work on the ezine or they may simply refuse to continue working on the project and may never explain why.

An ezine is a tool for Internet marketing and a volunteer may be a tool in ezine development. Both require your ongoing attention and appreciation.
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