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Dec 20, 2007
Many people are now using the internet to apply for jobs. There are many online job portals where one can post their resume and have it searched by thousands of employers on a daily basis. Employees can also hide their resumes and search for jobs themselves and apply for the jobs right online, without having to leave the comfort of their home. In addition, more newspapers are directing people to their online edition for job ads instead of printing them in the paper, which is more costly. Some companies actually require that people apply for jobs online. When searching for a job online, you will need an online resume. An online resume is similar to a regular resume and there are a variety of ways you can build an online resume.

One way to build an online resume is to use the word processor on your computer. In this case, you will not want to use an online template, but a simple blank sheet of paper. You should state your contact information at the top of the online resume, just as you would with a regular resume, including your telephone number and e-mail address. It is not necessary, when building an online resume, to add your street address. You will most likely be contacted via e-mail or telephone.

The resume that you build on your word processor will not be fancy. Use a normal font, such as Times New Roman 12 so that it will be easy to read. Be sure to list all of your previous employment experience and your education. You should list the dates of your employment beginning with the last place where you were employed. You should also list your duties. You may have to be a bit concise with an online resume as you will be limited for space, so list your accomplishment and skills in paragraph from instead of by bullet points.

You will also need to list your education and degrees as well as any special skills or accomplishments that you may have that will help you attain the job you seek. In most cases, the employment objective will already be included as you will be directly responding to an online ad.

Once you have completed your resume on your word processor, you can upload it onto one of the job portals on the internet. There are many different job seeking websites on the internet and it is a good idea to list your resume on all of them. They are usually free for employees seeking jobs. If you are still employed and do not want your company to know you are seeking new employment, you can hide your online resume from employers and then just search the sites for jobs that interest you.

Another way to build an online resume is to use the template provided on the website. They will ask you questions and you simply need to answer. The resume will be build for you. Be sure to add all of your employment experience. On many of these, it gives the impression that you can only add one past employer. Make sure you click on the edit button so you can add all of your previous employment experience when building an online resume.

Once your online resume is complete, you will get a chance to view it and make any changes. Once you are satisfied that all of the information on your online resume is correct, you can publish it to the website. Be prepared for many different employment agencies to contact you once you apply for a job online. Also be prepared for some scams that prey on those seeking employment, such as work at home opportunities, multi level marketing schemes and get rich quick plans. However, an online resume is really the best way to seek employment in this day and age. I not only saves time, it gets your resume into the hands of many more employers than you would if you were mailing or faxing the resumes.

One good thing about building an online resume is that if you are unsure of which type of job you are seeking, you can build many different resumes. You can change around your skills to suit the different jobs that are available online, but should not embellish those skills so that you do not make a fool of yourself when you go in for the interview.

An online resume is easy to build and a great way to find many different employment opportunities. Many employers are only using online websites to seek prospective employees. A online resume is the way of the future and absolutely necessary when applying for employment today.
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