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Managing Your Home Based Business

Dec 20, 2007
Many people have big ideas when they choose to create their own business. Some of these ideas may work well, while others take extra time and effort to put into effect. Sitting down before you open your business can help you to decide what tasks you would like to undertake in the beginning and what tasks you should hold off on until a later date, when you can effectively complete them. Taking on too much in the beginning can cause you to become overwhelmed and not want to continue with your business. There are several aspects of owning your own business that you may not have considered before.

The first thing that you may not have considered is whether your home is capable of being a business office. Do you have a room that can be set up for a business office, or will it have to be shared with your bedroom or in the living room or part of the dining room. Having the appropriate amount of room within your house can be a big problem as your business begins to flourish more each year. Will you have room to add new equipment or filing cabinets to store all of the important information that you will need to retain? If your home business begins to have a considerable amount of paperwork associated with you, you may want to consider keeping only the most important and widely used work at home and store the others in an off-site storage unit. If the paperwork is something that you may need occasionally, then you should consider that as you look for a site. You do not want to have to wait for two weeks while the site manager looks for your boxes.

Will you have room for expansion in your house if your company begins to grow? Many people find that after a few years the amount of equipment and storage space no longer work well together. At that time they need to consider either moving to a larger home or renting a building that can be used as an office. Will you be able to afford the rent on the new office during all seasons? You must consider whether or not the new office has room for expansion also. Some originally home based businesses grow to be a multi-million dollar company and you will need to consider whether you will need to hire new employees, take on a business partner or be run as a family based business. Will your new office have room for your new employees and their office equipment?

Storage and office space can be a problem if you do not prepare for it early on. Keep a journal or log of what you think you will do if your company continues to expand and how you will manage the office once you have several employees. You may decide not to use these ideas when the time comes to place them into action, but they can help to give you some direction for the future.
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