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Improve Your Corporate Image Through Web Meetings - How's That?

Dec 20, 2007
Do you want to enhance your corporate image and branding in the World Wide Web in real time? Webinars and web meetings can set you in the frontline. In this kind of contest, you don't want to take the backseat.

Customer Service

Customers judge your business by your image and branding. By word of mouth or viral marketing they can build you up or put you down. If you have taken good care of your patrons, they'll always associate your business with reliability and prompt action on requests or queries. Exploit this to your advantage and use web meetings with your workers to spruce up your corporate image when it comes to customer service.

Your web meetings should have the right collaboration tools to keep customers coming back. A chat collaboration tool will assure customers that there's somebody ready to provide answers or confirm prices and deliveries for bulk orders. The chat feature is easily accessible and provides instant gratification - a must-have for customers.

Gunning Up for More Sales

Your next step then is to strengthen product sales by brainstorming ideas and approaches without spending a fortune to fly in your sales people. With web meetings available on the net, you can't miss deadlines. No more travel preparations to eat into their time. They can focus on their presentations.

You don't have to worry if you have 10 to 15 people in a meeting. The service provider can facilitate the meeting for you. All you have to do is:

1. Inform the people of the mechanics of the meeting online.
2. Ensure that they have high-speed Internet connection wherever they are.
3. Provide them with headsets, instead of the usual telephone.
4. Instruct them to follow the instructions of the service provider.
5. Make sure they have their presentations ready.

Don't forget to focus on customer service, though. Ensure that your collaborative tools will make it easier for customers to get in touch with your customer service department through a chat feature. When there's a customer at the door, that's potential sales if you know how to handle the customer. It's the same in the virtual world.

It's your role to make sure that your product is associated by patrons with a lot of positive things like:

1. Quick response to customer queries.
2. Real time desktop streaming of product features.
3. Ready tools to guide customers through the product features.
4. Effective graphics.

Going Ballistic in Web Meetings

During web meetings, you can identify weak areas and capitalize on strong points. By sharing files in real time, there will be no delays in coming up with strategies to boost sales. You can share your best practices that can be replicated in identified weak areas.

Just imagine this scenario: there are weak areas, but nothing can be done about it until the branch manager flies to the central office to give a full report. He spends company funds for his plane ticket, hotels, and other expenses. After the meeting, he goes back, spending more money on airline tickets.

With web meetings, all these expenses are eliminated, plus the problem is immediately resolved without spending more time and money. Since it's about corporate branding, decisions have to be made fast.

But don't forget that these decisions should be really smart. Once decided and applied to boost your corporate image, you'll have to live with it, so make no room for mistakes. So there's a strong point for jacking up your arsenal with web meetings and collaborative tools to strengthen your corporate image.
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