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Let A Webinar Hosting Service Free You To Read Body Language

Dec 20, 2007
After stewing over the perfect schedule for a product launch and preparing all the advertising campaigns and materials, your staff will have little energy left over to smooth out the creases for the upcoming webinar. Give them a break and let a webinar hosting service take it from there.

Be On Guard On D-Day

Do not think that once you've mapped out your product launch and attended to numerous details your work is done. On D-Day, you still have another hurdle before you can cinch more sales. How can you focus on this if you don't get a webinar hosting service to iron out the preparations for the webinar?

Somebody has to inform people of the webinar date, ensure easy access to the webinar, manage the online registration, and monitor the number of participants. Let the webinar hosting service facilitate the whole activity from start to finish and make sure that everybody is up to the standard.

On your end, you can study your clients' body language. Before you make any moves, project that product confidence through well-prepared presentations, error-free statistics, and well-researched background information. This thoroughness gives sales people the self-assurance that comes from knowing they can take on anything during the webinar.

Aside from mastering body language, understand the value of:

1. Making friendly eye contact.
2. Relaxed facial expression and brows.
3. Smiles.
4. Non-threatening torso and foot movements.
5. Hand gestures.

Unknown to many, some hand gestures can be irritating. Repetitive hand and foot movements such as rapping the knuckles, pulling at the earlobes, touching the face or hair, and tapping the foot can annoy clients. Worse, the webinar hosting facilitator might call your attention to the racket you're making - and you're hosting the webinar! What a shame.

What Their Body Language Saying

During the live webinar hosting, you and your team should employ easy-to-understand tips to guide your audience on their PCs. You can detect if your clients cannot get your drift if they avoid eye contact with you or scrunch their brows. Immediately address the problem by employing tactics to make them feel at ease.

You can identify which clients will be easy or difficult to convince. Take mental notes of these and be ready for the marketing strategies in the next webinar or face-to-face business call. Marketing strategies emphasize persistence.

You can determine which of the participants will need your immediate follow-up. Since the facilitator from the webinar hosting service will be announcing that the activity will soon end, every minute counts when reading body language, presenting product information, and detecting the next steps.

What Your Body Language is Saying

From the viewpoint of the audience, you'll be sending different signals. You may come across as confident, reliable, and credible. Be careful of how you project yourself on the web cam. Unconsciously, you may be showing signs of annoyance, boredom, and impatience. Watch out. These signs can be picked up immediately.

The facilitating skills of the webinar hosting moderator are valuable at this point. If the facilitator can quickly cue in to your body language, he or she can make things easier for all. But since you're not encumbered with facilitating the entire virtual activity, you can do more reading of body language while your people present their marketing pitch.
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