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Why Marketing With Craigslist Is Effective And Cost Efficient

Dec 20, 2007
Every true salesman knows what the best key to selling any product or service is. Do you want to know the answer? Well if you do, the answer is very simple. Marketing! Marketing is truly the greatest way to reach people and make them want o buy whatever it is that you are selling. There are several ways to effectively market and make money. You might think it is expensive, but you would be absolutely wrong. There is a place where you can market and make money for no dollars and no pennies at all. Are you stumped like the fat oak tree that sits in your grandmaīs back yard? If you are, let me uproot you. By marketing with Craigslist, you donīt have to spend any money to make the big bucks you want to make.

Everyone that has the Internet and hasnīt been living under a rock these last few years knows about Craigslist. It is a completely free service in which you can sell and market from and millions of people will see you advertisement. Many people donīt really understand what marketing is so let me enlighten you if you are on of these individuals. Marketing is a strategy basically in which you are trying to hook people and make money. Some people are better at doing this than others. When you properly market whatever you are trying to get rid of, you can sell anything. So by marketing with Craigslist, you are taking the first step in great marketing.

As I mentioned earlier, Craigslist is a fee free service so you give yourself the opportunity to make as many bucks as possible without cutting into your profits. The big advantage of marketing with Craigslist is this though. Millions of people go to Craigslist everyday and browse around as if they were in a department store looking for clothes. So say you are trying to market your business and are trying to attract people to see what you are all about. All you have to do is go to the "Services" part of Craigslist and post an add so it will be put into this section of Craigslist. It is up to you to cleverly market your business so people will be drawn and interested in your company. But it is that easy to market with Craigslist and make money from using this service.

Craigslist is also really cool because you can target a specific area in which you are trying to attract customers or potential buyers. Maybe you live in Memphis, Tennessee or you live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, there is a Craigslist for that area. People who live in these regions will look on the Craigslist designed for these cities so when they see your marketing strategy they know it is local and wonīt hesitate to call you or email you about whatever it is is you are marketing. It is a nice advantage to have when you are trying to make money. It is hard to sell your company to people who live in Sacramento, California when you are working out of Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

Marketing is the best tool in selling products, services, or your business. Marketing with Craigslist is super good because millions of people are able to see it and it is totally free! Try it out if you are trying to market something and see the wonderful results.
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Written by Andrew Scherer. Find the latest information on how to Make money with craigslist as well as his blueprint to making $300 per day on craigslist
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