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An Impossible Office Job - Making Garbage Look Good

Dec 20, 2007
The truth is that people don't think a lot about waste baskets during their busy lives. They use them daily, get rid of all their waste and trash but they never pay attention to waste baskets. Why even think about waste paper baskets, anyway? Aren't they just one of those necessary things that take up office space? It doesn't take too long in an environment without a waste receptacle until we realize how indispensable waste baskets really are. During the course of a typical day in the office, at home, in the kitchen and everywhere else we go, we are usually inundated with waste.

In the office, we must deal with all the office waste, discarded paper, wrappers, discarded packaging and envelopes, boxes and unwanted mail. To make matters more interesting, some offices with a "green" initiative have additional needs to separate various types of waste for individual collection as well. Dealing with soda cans, bottles, wrappers and partially consumed food wastes all fall under the tasks expected of the waste basket.

And, in many offices, the overall appearance of the space is of concern, especially when a particular look or atmosphere is intended to be presented to clients or to maintain a look, a feel or a stature of the business. In many such spaces, simple containers such as plastic or cardboard simply will not do, even if their short lived, easily damaged nature is overlooked.

For these reasons, office waste baskets come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, materials, forms and designs, and they are either constructed from a single type of material, such as hardwood, plastic, metal or fiberglass, or of a mixture of several different materials, such as hardwood combined with metal, or leather paired with metal.

Although there are exceptions to the rule, in general most businesses want their clients to see that the business focuses on quality and does not overlook details. Quality furnishings and surroundings do not necessarily mean expensive or even flamboyant, but instead can elicit a feeling of comfort and security with the people and their services.

So on one hand we must handle all the discards and waste generated on a daily basis, whether scraps of paper or messy food scraps, and on the other hand, we need to present a natural, comfortable, professional image day after day. This is where a combination of materials can serve multiple requirements - visible hardwood surfaces to blend in with other office furnishings along with steel or polyethylene liners to handle even the messiest of spilled substances. Such combinations are available in a variety of sizes and forms to fit various office locations and duties.

One such combination of wood and polyethylene created by SuccessImage uses actual hardwood formed into slats called "tambour". These slats are mounted vertically around the perimeter of a liner to nicely dress up the waste basket in a variety of hardwoods and finishes. The combination really does create a "nice looking garbage can", which as noted above, is an often taken for granted job!
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Successimage is a supplier of premium office furnishings and distinctive hardwood waste baskets.
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