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The Concept Of Book Marketing Networks

Dec 21, 2007
For authors and readers alike, there are many ways to promote the books that they write and love to read. If you are at an end on how to market your books, poems or even articles then try a book marketing network. It is just what it sounds like, an online network to market what you have written. If you no longer want to wait around for publishers' acceptance or rejection letters, then you need to think about marketing your literature on your own with the help of a book marketing network. One of the easiest ways to do so is to get onto one of those websites that let you have your own page for free and blog like crazy. You can even devote the whole entire page to your career as a writer and use the "about me" section as a type of resume. There is also a networking section on these pages which will work to your advantage because you can let others know there that you are an author or avid reader.

The blogs can act as updates on your writing or anything else you'd like to add. You can even do this hassle free - just hire someone else to market your book for you. You could even purchase banners that go on the tops of web pages to advertise your work for a pay per click basis with the host page. Submitting your literature to a book reviewer is another great way to network yourself. This only works, however, if you are willing to take constructive criticism because that is what you will get. Doing the book reviews will help market your literature in the good old fashioned way: word of mouth. The reviews can be submitted in articles online, in newspapers or magazines and even on television.

Another great way to market your own literature is to join a book marketing network group or website. These groups allow authors to not only promote themselves but all of their work as well. The groups' members can consist of authors, readers, reviewers and publishers so it can work to your advantage.

Befriend these people and you can make a lifetime commitment that will only do you good. One person can help you create a network which will market your work; it starts off with you asking for help in whatever area you need it in. On these marketing network groups, they have subgroups for whatever you need: Christian authors, novelists, fantasy or science fiction, even book reviewers.

There are a ton of tools out there to help someone market their work; you just need to look for them. Many experts give presentations or luncheons as well as have newsletters and magazines published with their own personal tips on how to get started on marketing your literature. E booklets have become quiet popular as they allow the authors to stay at their computer to continue writing as they read up on how to go about selling it.
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