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Network Training Should Be More Than Pep Rally

Dec 21, 2007
Every business model requires training to make sure that new people entering the business understands the expectations as well as their role in meeting those expectations. Typically, persons joining a multilevel marketing program are trained by their upline, or the person who recruited them into the program and often by those considerably higher on the upline.

The goal of the training should focus on information about the product or service being sold as well as how best to present the product and the company to make potential customers feel more comfortable in buying from you. Training may also be used to help new members know how to recruit others into their downline, but recruiting new people should not be the main focus of the training.

Regardless of how energized you feel at the end of a training call, or how positive you feel about the company, take a few minutes to calm down and ask yourself exactly what you learned during the training session. Many times training is conducted through individual phone calls or conference calls with many others at the same level. One of the things companies may try to do is confuse a training call with a pep rally buy having people get on the call and talk about how much money they made the previous month.

These carrots and sticks are sometimes the motivator needed to get fence-sitters onto the company's side and begin to recruit more people and make more sales. If, at the end of a training call you know more about the income level of several people high in the organization, you probably will not be able sell any better or know more about the product. Your recruiting efforts should be about more than how much money one of the company's founders has made.

At the end of the training you know more about the product and what new products are coming in the future, then the training will be beneficial to your future. If you know how to sell the idea of joining the multilevel marketing program to people on the cold list, then it may be beneficial. If the call focuses on browbeating or demeaning friends and family because they are too stupid to recognize what a good thing you stumbled into, then the call has done nothing but work to isolate you from those you know.

Since most of the ordering, payments and shipping of products in a multilevel marketing company are handled by the main organization, there are probably no forms to learn how to fill out and they usually do not teach how to file quarterly tax returns. The scope of the training should focus on selling the product, selling the company and how to be nice while doing it. There should also be time devoted to questions from the new recruits and honest answers presented, and while they may be reading straight from a company handbook, as long as it is an honest representation of the opportunity, it is still the right answer.
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