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Internet Home Business Marketing Opportunity Or Questionable Prospect?

Dec 21, 2007
If you are an Internet home business entrepreneur, then you are undoubtedly aware of the vital importance that proper marketing plays for the success of not only your goods or services but also your overall financial wellbeing. Proper marketing is not something you can take for granted. Yet while an Internet home business marketing opportunity may look good at face value, there might be some risks associated with it that you cannot adequately understand until you dig a bit deeper. Sadly, many an online entrepreneur chooses to ignore negative findings in favor of the increased traffic and leads this type of marketing may provide, yet even as the traffic increases and the number of hits to the website seem to skyrocket, the damage that is being done to the business sometimes proves to be irreversible. Be cautious and take the time to fully understand the marketing program you are interested in.

Consider the Internet home business marketing opportunity that is quite often put forward by eager affiliates who will pledge to you that you will see a 25% spike in your website traffic. Even if you are only perfunctorily well versed in online advertisement, you must know that this kind of increase cannot be guaranteed overnight unless it is done in an underhanded manner. On the 'Net, this usually means that a web surfer is tricked into visiting your site and if given a true accounting of what your site was about, most likely would not come to visit. Such affiliates will often erect a large number of dummy sites serve to temporarily rise high in the search engine rankings by imported content that serves to somewhat disguise the fact that the page is little more than a marketing site. It is true that you will receive a lot more visitors to your site than usual, but by the same token it is important to remember that these leads are not qualified leads. Thus, hits will not translate into sales and you will spend your money for a negligible increase in profit while your reputation as a company may quite possibly suffer.

While this kind of affiliate marketing will harm you, having your company marketed via a spammy email campaign can be the undoing for many a small business. An Internet home business marketing opportunity that offers you to reach upward of 10,000 consumers who are guaranteed to be waiting to hear from a company such as yours may sound great in the beginning, but when you realize that all these email addresses may have been purchased from a list service, which in turn may have culled them simply from questionnaires that asked participants what their hobbies and interests were, you will quickly understand that none of these 10,000 are actually qualified leads and most certainly are not waiting to hear from you in any capacity.

Conversely, if the Internet home business marketing opportunity sounds reasonable, does not make outlandish claims, and will guarantee in writing to adhere to only ethical and legal means to spread the word about your business, then this might be the kind of marketing effort you may wish to sign up with!
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