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Consider How Many Leads You Already Know

Dec 21, 2007
Network marketing leads are the fuel that drives the network marketing business and it may seem easy to talk to people you know, especially if this is your first foray into the multilevel marketing structure. However, if you are the type that jumps from program to program you may find most of your contacts, including family and friends, will not want to talk to you even during holiday dinners.

Looking at the first program, knowing you are going to have to come up with leads to make sales of your products, you already have a network that you may not have considered. Sure, there are family and friends if you feel comfortable talking to them about the product. You have people you already consider clients in your current business as well as contacts you run into on a regular basis, some you may even do other business with.

If you belong to a club or social organization or work on committees at school or civic organizations you already have several contacts. The closer you are to these folks the warmer the contact is, which increase the potential for at least being able to talk about your business proposal. Although warm contacts can quickly turn downright cold if you focus on getting them into the program with you. Consider convincing them that the product is right for them and after they become a customer, then talk to them about becoming a distributor.

Working a room at any event can be difficult and even downright scary, especially if it is a room full of strangers. However, if you were not looking for leads for your network marketing program would these same people be equally as intimidating? Chances are the fear factor is there because you are afraid of being told no. Ask yourself if anyone has ever turned away without a word when you introduced yourself. If the answer is yes, it may be more than what you want to talk about. Chances are no one has ever refused to shake hands when meeting someone new.

One of the quickest ways to turn off a potential lead is after explaining the business you are in you ask when you can expect to see their check for joining the program. Asking for orders at that time is also considered taboo because, after all it is a social event and mixing business and pleasure is not appreciated. You may ask if they know of anyone who can use the product or who might be a good sales person and looking for a little extra money.

One thing that helps develop leads is being told they may not be right for the program. Telling them they may not be the right one for the job or maybe they do not have the stomach to consider their own distribution business will often set them on a plan to prove you wrong. They can show you how wrong by becoming a distributor in your downline and selling more than everyone else. That will really show you what a bad judge of character you really are.
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