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Confusion Abounds Over Marketing An MLM Network

Dec 21, 2007
There is often a lot of confusion about network marketing or multilevel marketing, often referred to as referral marketing with some believing they can realize a substantial income by performing very little work. There are many benefits to working for a multilevel company but having to work hard is not one of them. To be successful, the amount of income is usually proportional to the amount of work a person is willing to perform.

While multilevel marketing companies believe in honest disclosure about what it takes to be successful, there are others that overstate the potential for earnings and downplay the type and amount of work that will be involved. Although most reasonable people understand the requirements of being successful, these are the not necessarily the type of people they are targeting. Most of these companies look for people wanting to do as little work as possible looking for the easy way out as well as being desperate for a lot of money.

Some of the benefits of this type of work is that it can be done from home with no set schedule to follow, allowing work to be done part time or full time. There are also little or no start up costs making it easy to get into business, building it over time into a substantial income. Most honest multilevel marketing companies also offer extensive training and uses a proven, successful business plan.

Most multilevel marketing jobs have no established territories, which is highly beneficial in a global marketplace. In fact the main company may not even be in your home country and customers can come from anywhere with an internet connection. Provided the main company can ship globally, the territory is wide open around the world.

With all good things some rain must fall and with multilevel marketing opportunities there may be certain restrictions on how the business is conducted. Although considered an independent business owner, some companies do not want their distributors offering similar products from their competitors being sold by the same distributor. You success also hinges on the ability of the main company to keep promises in regards to delivery and any guarantee it offers.

You will also be offered the opportunity to receive more income by recruiting other distributors to work under you for which you can receive a small percentage of their sales in addition to your own. You may also have the chance to be paid off sales by people the ones you recruited bring into the fold. How many levels you can receive commission is based on the company's policies, but usually anything over three does not pay enough commission to make it worth while.

There are a few companies that do not actually sell any products and still require an upfront fee for the right to try to recruit others. You receive a portion of their recruiting fee and so one down the line until hopefully, you can at least recover your investment. Many countries consider this type of arrangement illegally, and after so many people have joined, there probably will be no further income opportunities.
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