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Keeping The Line Clear Between Bosses And Employees

Dec 21, 2007
There might be many chances that you have to become too friendly with some of your employees. This is something that is a too easy to do - there are many situations in which you might find yourself getting too close to someone that you work with. It is very easy to find yourself getting closer to someone that you work with, and this could end up being a major problem. When you are a boss, and you have people who are underneath you, you want to be sure that you are able to keep the line between who you are and what the employees are. Crossing that line in an inappropriate way can cause lots of problems for you. Even if nothing inappropriate happens, you can still be called on something if the relationships go wrong. It is better for you and it is better for your business if you are able to keep the line drawn between boss and employee.

There are several situations that you want to be sure you avoid in order to keep the line between boss and employee separate - without crossing it. If you can easily avoid these situations, you will be able to make sure that your relationships are secure and appropriate.

First of all, you want to avoid things like birthday parties and weddings. If you are invited to these things, you want to be sure to politely decline, and send a card or gift instead. This keeps things friendly, and it also makes sure that you are keeping things professional.

Next, you want to be careful of things like sporting events. If you are going with a group of your employees, or if you are buying tickets as a reward for your employees or clients, these are appropriate times. However, anything else is something that you should be careful of.

Meals are another problem time that you want to be sure to avoid. It is all to easy to dine with someone and have it get out of hand. If you have a business matter to discuss, a meal is an appropriate time. But if you are simply there to socialize, it is not a good idea.

Another place that you want to tread carefully would be the idea of personal problems. Don't allow yourself to give your employees a chance to get too close by sharing your own personal problems or getting into their personal problems.

When you are thinking about doing physical activities with your employees, such as golfing or jogging, you should know that these are very physical activities, and it is too easy to form the kinds of bonds that might end up getting you in trouble.

Money is a very important thing that you want to be careful about. Lending money to or borrowing money from an employee is a very bad idea, and is going to end up causing you a lot more problems than you thought it would.

Another place where you want to tread carefully should be driving together. If you are trying to keep a professional attitude, you want to be sure that you are able to keep your distance when it comes to giving rides to your employee.

Personal gifts are something that you want to avoid at all costs. If you are giving gifts to all of your employees, or gifts that relate to your business, this is something else. But giving an employee a personal gift is a way that you will be crossing the line for sure.

There are two other times where you don't want to worry about dealing with when it comes to your employees. These are drinking and vacationing. Both of these things might cause you to have unprofessional relationships with your employees.
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