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Sell A Marketing Network Without Fear

Dec 21, 2007
Most business today is conduced from the direct results of a network marketing system. Before many people buy a product or service they will need to see the advertisement seven time, but if they are influenced or referred to a product or service from a friend, family member, colleague or some person with authority in the area then they are more likely to make an earlier purchase.

For most small business the biggest issue for owners it the attempt to get over networking fear. The most common fear is public speaking while others will have a fear of rejection. If order to have a successful networking business you will need to address these two issues. So first consider how you can get over your fear of public speaking. The simple answer to this is with practice. Follow a few tips to help you along the way.

Remind yourself that you are a professional and remember what professionals do. They study and practice their craft constantly. Therefore, the first and most important step is to practice at every free moment you have during the day. Practice until you have it down without even having to think about it. Make sure it becomes natural for you.

Next you need to make sure you are prepared and have all your marketing material available and ready the night before so that you can get plenty of sleep. Then when you are heading to the event you need to do two things. You need to relax and focus on getting yourself motivated.

After overcoming the fear of public speaking you need to deal with your fear of rejection which is also easy to do. Simply come up with a rejection free thirty second advertisement for your business. The fear of rejection is often sprung from the idea that you are trying to sell everyone in the room on your specific product or service. This is not the right attitude to have when you start network marketing. Rather you should focus your goal on making contacts and focusing on how you can help each other rather than selling them. If someone needs what you are offering then you have a selling opportunity, but this shouldn't be your primary goal. In order to develop the best advertisement consider the following tips.

First start by introducing yourself and your company. Then generate a statement of what you do rather than simply describing what you do. For example, rather than simply saying you're a landscaper and leaving it at that explain how you plan and create your clients own paradise.

Next consider adding an industry fact or two. For a landscaper this could be something like the type of environment factors that can destroy a yard. Next tell them who is the best client for you and ask them to refer anyone to you who might need your services. This is the best way to have a rejection free statement. You are not there to sell, rather you are there to find people who can help you find more leads and in turn you can help them with their business.
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