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Finding The Right Network Marketing Opportunity

Dec 22, 2007
A person who has never had a driver's license probably is not going to make the best car sales representatives and someone who cannot cook will have a tough time selling cookware to family meal makers. However, this is often what happens in the network marketing opportunity and it leads to dissatisfaction with the opportunity on the table as well as leaving a person feeling like a failure. Worse, they continue to waste a lot of time and money swinging at the plate, knowing they are going to strike out.

Equally important to finding a quality company in which you can trust and a product that will be in demand by consumers is finding a product that you may actually use yourself as know a little about. It also helps to understand the market to which this product will be pitched and if you use it yourself then this built-in testimonial can give you an edge in the market.

Too many times people join network marketing programs based solely on the size of the sales commission. They place little value on the type of product and their knowledge of the market. Their friend told them it is a wide-open opportunity with plenty of potential so they put their faith in their friend instead of in the product they will be trying to sell. They keyword there is trying. To sell a frying pan to a cook, you have to be able to explain why it is better than the frying pan they are currently using and why it is likely to be the best for years to come.

A person with no knowledge of how the ingredients in the new vitamin drink helps a person with their health is going to have trouble convincing someone to give up their over the counter brand for a more expensive alternative. A network marketing opportunity may be a great one but a uniformed distributor will have a difficult team succeeding if they cannot convince the potential customer of the benefit of buying the product and buying it from them.

Many times a product can sell itself, but for these items, a multilevel distribution chain is not really needed. The product that cost a little more and deliver a lot more are the ones that people may look at and comment how nice they are, but kind of expensive. This is where an educated network comes into the picture to explain the many benefits of owning this particular item and being willing to pay the asking price.

Possibly more important than knowing about the product is knowing the market. Even if you know everything there is to know about frying pans, trying to sell them to your auto mechanic is not the best plan. Additionally, if the price of an item is obviously way out of a person's reach, you will spend a lot of time convincing them to buy something they cannot possibly afford. In the end you have wasted you time and possibly made them feel bad about their financial status.
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