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How To Market Your Market

Dec 22, 2007
Anyone who has ever thought of having their own business - whether it is from home or an office downtown - has probably sought the help of marketing software or companies. MLM marketing, or Multi Level Marketing, is a combination of direct marketing and franchise; now it is often called network marketing and yes, it is similar to the calling network you get from your cell phone company. Others have called it a pyramid market, where you start with your company owner on top then it literally scales down... the president calls two people, those two call two each and so on. The question is: if your business is selling the MLM network software, how do you (or should you) go about marketing that?

There are many different venues in which to advertise your MLM network software, but you have to utilize the one that will bring you the most business and is the most relevant to your area. You don't want to erect street side signs in a very rural area; this is where you'd want the internet or phone book advertisements. In a highly populated city you might want to use fliers or the reciprocal services of other companies.

The internet is going to be the first thing you look into. This is your most comprehensive way to reach hundreds of millions of customers who are interested in starting their own businesses. It's simple, really and there are many different avenues to take when using the internet as a marketing tool. First off, you can do banners - you know the ones that are sprawled across the top of a webpage that makes the page itself take forever to load. They work well when they're animated or flashy because they really grab someone's attention. Something else to do is purchase keywords from internet search engines. The more keywords (or tags, depending on the engine) you have, the better your chances will be of having your business being at the top of the list. Another thing to do on the internet is take the emails of existing customers and send out mass emails about your new product or service.

Television works wonders as well and if you have enough money put into it, you can choose the time slots in which you wish your commercials to appear. Something else to consider is street side signs, or fliers. Go to technology or computer sales stores and give them your business cards and offer reciprocal services: they advertise about your MLM marketing and you'll advertise about their computer repair services. You can even take out an ad in the phone book under computers or software or technology. Another thing to think about is word of mouth. If you live in a town that is not the size of New York City then this may work really well for you - just have a friend start out telling someone who needs your service and, if what you provide is a good service, they'll tell their friends.
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