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Do Not Base Future On First Year In Network

Dec 22, 2007
During the first year a person is involved in network marketing does not always tells the story and offer a prediction for the future. Continued success is contingent on may aspect of how the business is run and sometimes outside influence, over which they have no control, can affect the viability of the business.

How the first year progresses will large hinge on the business in which you are involved. With most network marketing companies, the first to get into the program make the most money. It generally involves a hot product new to the market with enormous appeal to the public and sale skyrocket. Smart network marketers will be on the program quickly and contacting their warm market to get on this amazing opportunity. Depending on the product and its acceptance, the ride can last a few months or a couple of years.

Those who join the program later in its life may experience disappointing results and quickly move onto another project. The trick is being able to spot trends and accurately predict which products are going to be winners and which ones just need to be ignored. If your first venture into network marketing is on the ground floor of an amazing new product, the first year may be the best it is has ever been. However, if you were one of the last to join, the market may already be saturate with product or with distributors who joined ahead of you, making the first year a disappointment.

When this happens, it pays to remember that network marketing is rarely a quick cash business. It will take time to market the product and gain customer awareness. Once the product is wanted by the customers, word of mouth advertising will boost sales, at least until a competing company devises a similar product that sells for less money. A good marketing plan can create loyalty to the company if not the product and help sustain sales, however if the company was only looking for a one-hit wonder, at the end of a successful run the entire system can collapse.

Unfortunately, not everyone buying into a network marketing program has what it takes to be a success. Maybe they cannot sell or maybe they are uncomfortable talking to strangers about joining them in a business venture. It could also be they entered too late and since they are not making any money walk away from the opportunity. The first year is important in the life of the marketer as well as the product. Picking the right product to sell is the lifeline for success.

Sustainable sales require a product that many people want and use and will have to come back to the sales staff to replace their depleted supplies. While some programs offer huge commissions for sales, it may be something that a person will only use once or twice in their lifetime such as home improvement loans or cemetery plots. These do not represent a good investment when trying to earn a consistent income through repeat sales.
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