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Network Marketing Industry Acquires Own Identity

Dec 22, 2007
Over the past few years, the network marketing industry has taken on a life of its own as it continues to grow and mature. More individuals are hoping to cash in on the phenomenon that is internet marketing and as more people understand the intricacies are developing a marketing network, it continues to attract new marketers.

When internet marketing first began to emerge many involved in marketing in the traditional sense quickly realized that what they had been doing successfully for years was not going to work in the fast-paced environment of cyberspace. They would need to shift into high gear as people who were out of the area were beginning to respond to their marketing efforts. They also realized that while traditional efforts were ineffective at attracting more local business, it could be useful in expanding to a global audience.

The marketing network as they knew it no longer involved dinners and meetings with local business owners and the movers and shakers of a particular industry. The new phase of global marketing was taking on a life of its own and for a business to win against the onslaught of global competition, steps had to be taken to forge their own path into the marketplace.

Those who refused to change or though they could continue to muddle through quickly found themselves out of work and companies that hesitated to make the change were put out of business my the more aggressive overseas market. Distribution systems needed to be expanded in a hurry to make their presence known around the world and would have to be accomplished without bludgeoning their budget.

Internet marketing was beginning to understand the need for independent distributors who could turn the market on its ear and provide needed exposure and sales to existing companies. While their domestic sales outlets may be well established, gaining market share in the overseas market became a priority. Unable financially to enter the physical market they counted on network marketing to get their products in front of the public. Web pages were designed and replicated to the benefit of the new distribution force that began to make inroads into the sales through this new industry.

As the market began to mature, the company found that instead of doing all the recruiting on their own, they could offer an incentive to established distributors to recruit others, expanding on the already existing multilevel marketing that networks were quick to embrace. Earning money off another person's effort soon became the fodder for growth that many companies needed to expand or simply survive.

As every new product hit the market, it could be tested through the network marketing industry to determine the public's acceptance and need. Once sales were established the company could, if it was deemed efficient, also offer the product in traditional retail outlets. They soon learned however that this extra competition was taking income away from the marketers who were their salvation and decided to continue on the path of network marketing. The company was making sales and its unseen sales force was earning money and the public was getting what it wanted. Many see no reason to change.
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