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Marketing The Network On Multiple Levels

Dec 22, 2007
One of the most popular income programs being touted around the world today is the concept of multilevel marketing programs. While not new, it may have been the Kirby Sweeper Company that really got this process on the books, it is generating much more interest in the internet age and in areas with high unemployment. The prospect of putting in part-time hours and making a full-time income is attractive to a diverse group of people.

From the executive-level employees who are used to hug incomes to the blue collar worker who likes the notion of watching television most of the day, spending a few hours on their home computer and still having the same lifestyle, the promises on multilevel marketing networking is a concept that is still alive and well. Unfortunately, it seems that nearly every day the newer, improved version of vitamins or fruit juice hits the market and the disgruntled members of a downline jump ship hoping to get on a ground floor opportunity to make the kind of income their upline claimed to have been making.

Networking is often defined as a group of like-minded individuals grouped together for a common goal. However, with a multilevel marketing network, the goal is making money and the commitment of the network's members is more selfish and other networks. Social network sites on the internet continue to sprout with the strongest ones surviving and it is pretty much the same for business-related networks. Members will stay with the program until something better comes along.

The idea of a residual income for life is what draws many people into the network, but the reality of having to work hard to achieve that level also drives them to other, newer and more promising opportunities. It may take years for the income from a network marketing plan to begin offering promise for lifetime earnings, only to have a negative report show up on a blogging site to rip the foundation out from under the program.

Finding a sustainable network marketing group is tough work. Almost as tough as recruiting others into the network, but with a reputable company, offers of becoming a distributor are limited as companies want to insure continues growth for those already in the network before the market is saturated and the lower level members being taking off for greener pastures.

It will also take a commitment to stay with the program, and entering with the idea that you will start and see how it goes, is essentially admitting failure before it is given a chance. Most lower level members of a network marketing program are still in the worker mind zone pretending to be business owners and unless the upline members stay with them and provide constant supervision and pats on the back, they will drop out, taking with them any income they generated as well as that of the members of their downline.

Multilevel network marketing is a viable business model that has been successful for many companies for several years. Without the proper dedication and training to turn each network member into a success story, the network may come unplugged.
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