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Surviving The First Year In Network Marketing

Dec 22, 2007
When a person first gets involved in multilevel marketing, it is easy to become discouraged. Especially if the income does not actually turn their computer into a cash machine like the advertisement promised. However, most newbies are willing to give it a few weeks to see what happens before they head out to the next great offering that guarantees them the opportunity to start making money in the next 10 minutes.

If they were to research the possibility of finding success, they would be introduced to several people who explain how they tried program after program, spending all kinds of money on failed ventures before they stumbled on the secret of making a lot of money with internet marketing. When they say for only $29.95, or whatever the amount they want to share that secret with you, the first question should be why?

Would it not be better to share it with their family and friends and help them reach financial security before selling the secret to strangers. Usually, that is the secret. Finding someone else to send in money so they know how to post a site on the internet selling the secret to their dubious success. However, joining several multilevel opportunities is the typical road a person will take during their first years traveling down that road.

It takes about a year for average beginner to really understand what they have to do to become successful in multilevel marketing. One of the most common mistakes is jumping in and out of programs without giving them enough time to show their true potential. It may be that some of them have no real promise, but that should have been discovered when researching the many plans in the market.

While most multilevel marketing programs explode during their formative years and die slowly as new competition enters the market or interest in the hot new product wanes, the companies that are operating the program needs to have a solid business history. Many suggest they be in business for at least five years before they are considered stable and while one program may be hitting the skids, a value company will soon be introducing another.

It is the network marketing programs that are open for a few months, or even a couple of years that have a different offering two and three times a year that indicate they have no idea what they are doing and they are willing to take you down the tubes with them. Companies ask for money upfront, and that is common in many multilevel marketing companies as they operate very similar to franchises in the traditional business world. However, before making a donation find out exactly what you will get in return for your money.

Training and support from the upline are two of the most valuable commodities you should expect and the training needs to be more that a reiteration of t=how you will get paid and how much. The training should be more focused on merchandise sales than on recruiting distributors because you make money off sales, your or your downlines, but make nothing on recruiting warm bodies into the network.
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