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Marketing Network Set Up

Dec 22, 2007
Marketing network set up begins with motivation and direction. For those involved in an MLM system of business, sales rely on recruitments, meaning getting the word out about the business, its objective(s), and the products and/or services being marketed. Finding the right people to help pitch these products and promote the distributor and companies that are marketing these products and/or services ensures success in sales and profits.

Unlike pyramid schemes, which are identified by the accummulation of profits and gains based on the number of signed recruits (an illegal practice, according to the Federal Trade Commission), Multi-Level Marketing achieves financial success and business growth through the amount of products sold in a certain fiscal period, or services satisfactorily rendered to clients or customers. Marketing network set up, then, requires compiling a list of recruits, or distributors, who push sales. Having people in place who are inteerested and motivated to do this should a primary concern; sales cannot be achieved without people to vend said products and/or services.

Another feature of marketing network set up would likely be pay for those who are participating in the MLM program. Such an incentive serves as motivation, but since the amount of payment depends on the degree of sales per fiscal period and will surely be different all the time, the amount that each distributor will receive is based on a percentage rate of the totall amount of sales. The amount will vary, but the percentage rate usually doesn't. This is considered equitable because it is consistent and therefore fair to those involved.

The difficult part to a marketing network set up, especially for new, small businesses, is getting the word out, distributing news that will hopefully attract recruits. The key to success in this venture would be to focus on target parties, those who would likely are necessarily want or need the particular projects and/or services that are being offered. Such a process can be time-consuming and even exhausting, so knowing and focusing on these target parties saves time and minimizes rejection. The secret is to success in an MLM system is not to go looking for prospects, but to get the prospects to come looking to get involved in the MLM system by choice. The solution here is to initiate effective and attractive advertising directed specifically at the target parties. In order to do this, it is necessary to know something about the target parties, so the first step would be to do research on said parties before moving forward with everything else. When targets are known and established, the lists are made for recruitment possibilities.

In the end (or rather the beginning) marketing network set up is probably the most critical and essential stages of the entire MLM process because people make it all happen. A play cannot be performed without actors and actresses to conduct the separate but equally important parts to carry everything from beginning to end. Successful business is the exact same way.
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