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How to Format Your Ezine Ad for Network Marketing Success

Dec 22, 2007
Ezines are a popular and growing method of marketing a product or service. They are often more affordable than working with print publications, yet still have the potential of reaching countless readers.

Reaching your targeted audience by placing an ad in one of these highly subscribed to publications is also much easier than you might imagine. With some simple and effective wording, your regular web site audience and clientele base could double or even triple in size.

Ezine advertising most often falls into three distinct and separate areas or forms. Each offers its own advantages as well as price range. Solo ads tend to be more expensive than a sponsor ad, which is the most common online. A classified ad is often far cheaper than the previous two.

The proper formatting of these ads is instrumental in reaching the appropriate audience with an interesting and effective message. Just as with pricing, each form of ezine advertising should be respected for its own unique abilities and designed in the best possible way to highlight your information.

Solo ads, though more expensive, also bring the best results. The proper formatting for your solo ad must provide several details. It not only outlines a common problem, it must reveal the solution you are offering. Include a bulleted list for highlighting specific areas and remedies to the relevant issues.

Your solo ad also includes a phrase that empowers the user to take action. Further bulleted summaries may be included that summon the reader to work towards solving the problem by purchasing your product or service.

A sponsor ad is another tool that is more cost effective while providing good results. Though these ads are somewhat smaller, they still give you much needed publicity. When designing your sponsor ad, keep your text concise and poignant. A good explanation would be the phrase: Less is more.

These ads may perform as well as solo ads; as long as proper formatting is utilized. Use a powerful headline that states the issue and your solution. Bulleted lists are still appropriate for this method of promotion. As with the solo ad, your sponsor ad spawns ambition or drive towards your product. It reveals your solution or the advantages of your product over your competitors.

The last form of advertising, classified ads, are numerous online. Even these are good if designed in a beneficial and necessary manner. Classified ads are the most cost efficient, but you will need to be more creative to separate from the other ads. This form of ad must still be considered. Force yourself to be as creative and calculating as possible.

The best format for your classified ad always starts with a good headline. Write them in uppercase letters and surround them with asterisks, just as headline in a standard publication. Keep your sentences short and powerful. The same principal applies that encourages your reader to follow your directions and solve the dilemma. You are giving them the advantage.

There are a few basic rules for ezine advertising no matter which method you choose. The reader needs a quick and easy way of accessing your product or service. This means at least one link must be provided in your ad. Give a good, solid link to your web site, and most importantly, your product or service. Some advertisers choose to also include an email address; do this at your own discretion.

Some simple planning and careful consideration makes your network marketing experience the greatest possible.
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