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What is Residual Income-Overview?

Dec 22, 2007
Residual income is income that you earn monthly. Instead of just getting a one time affiliate commission from selling a product you will get a monthly commission from the sale. Residual income can be from affiliate programs, as mentioned or from network marketing opportunities. It can also be from recurring sales of a product that a customer needs on a regular monthly basis.

Different ways to get residual income:

Google Adsense: these are small text or image ads that you place on your website. When a visitor clicks on them you will earn a commission from Google.. You just have to put the code on your website and Google will handle the ads. They will always be targeted for your site and visitors.

Membership site: You can pick up a monthly income from just one promotion. For example you do marketing for your membership site and get several buyers. You will then be able to get a monthly income from this one promotion. As more members join you will then get a larger monthly income that will just keep growing.

Affiliate residual income: you can join affiliate programs that are monthly subscriptions, like the membership site mentioned above or software like autoresponders. As long as the customer continues to pay the subscription you will get the commission.

2 tier Affiliate income. When you join affiliate programs be sure that they are 2 tiered. This means that you can collect affiliates under you and make commissions from them Of course this will not be very much at first but it can add up. The trick is to gather a large amount of sub affiliates and join multiple 2 tier affiliate programs.

Network Marketing and MLM: There are 2 ways to get a residual income with network marketing and MLM businesses. Firstly you will be able to get commission for selling the product. If it is a monthly supply you can pick up a commission for reoccurring sales. Secondly you will receive commission from your team members' sales. You can amass a good residual income from this.

All these residual incomes can be obtained by an initial promotion and some have none at all. In this way you will gather increasing amounts of monthly or residual income. This will require very little effort after the initial push and you can therefore consider these methods to be passive residual income. This is the pinnacle of success in your business, to make maximum profits with minimal effort, time and money.

So try out some of these ways to make residual income today. It is important for your business to have as many ways of making residual income as possible. This will snowball your profits and help you to develop your business faster. Also try to find sources of residual income that will require the least amount of effort so that they will eventually become good passive income. Start with the easiest ones first then work up to the ones that require more marketing and skills.
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