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Google Assassin Review - Secrets Under the Hood

Dec 22, 2007
Google Assassin is the sequel to Day Job Killer and developed by Chris. Day Job Killer was an ebook that teaches ideas about Affiliate Marketing. The issue for me with the information provided by Day Job Killer was that its mostly theoretical. In my view, learning how to swim, and jumping to the pool to swim are 2 different things. Perhaps Day Job Killer picked up on reviews by its customers that they needed a real step by step model that improves the bottom line...not just information and ideas.

I recall walking into a Border's bookshop and came across a title, "Secret of Self Made Millionaires". Its an interesting read, and a question popped into my head, "Will anyone reading this book turn into a run away millionaire success?" Because if they don't, maybe its better to spend time reading a book on investing, real estate... something that contributes to the bottom line. I'm someone that looks at the end result, not the journey. And that is the most important thing when running a business.

Google Assassin improved on its predecessor by introducing tools and a step-by-step system. That should be the way to go about teaching others how to build an affiliate business on the internet. You'll be surprised that you don't always need a 70 page ebook to teach you how to make money online. What one needs is sufficient time to learn the "correct" things and have the funds to implement and test things out out for oneself. Everything else is a guide, nothing teaches like business like your own experience.

"Practice makes perfect" so some say. I say, "Practice makes Permanent". If we learn the wrong things, the wrong become permanently ingrained...and since Google Assassin teaches about how to make money online, if the information contained within is in-accurate, that means a big hole in your pocket, especially since the system centres around Google Adwords...

One point of worthy mention is that Google Assassin shares information about Adwords site targeting and CPM cost . CPM cost refers to cost per 1000 impression. So if you had 500 clicks, you would pay only a fix amount of money to have your advertisement displayed 1000 times, which is a lot more profitable then paying for 500 clicks individually. Knowing how to choose sites and implement this strategy is something that Google Assassin outlines which I know from experience is correct.
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