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Multiple Uses Of An Expired Domain Name

Dec 22, 2007
Expired domain names can provide you a reliable ongoing, residual income for many years. They can also provide you a kind of leverage that ensures a steady flow of income. However, before you buy and register, you will need to consider the type of uses and benefits that you can derive from it, so that you can gradually create a viable income source. In simpler terms, an expired domain name is that domains that are just registered for specific period. In case, they are not renewed, they will expire and become available for purchase by anyone.

An expired domain name could be very precious and invaluable, as it has had a considerable amount of time and effort spent on advertising and promoting it over the web. The combined effect of time and effort gives you a host of benefits and advantages, as soon as you register it. Here are some benefits and advantages:

a) Advertising Revenues: A number of expired domain names accrue passive income to you, which trickle slowly over a period. The expired domain name that you register might have had a series of different advertising campaigns paying out different returns. For example, a corporate services advertising campaign will always pay more than a health advert campaign that pays lesser payout.

b) Another notable benefit is the large inventory of site visitors. The expired domain that you own may have had a series of dedicated and loyal visitors. These visitors always form an invaluable link or traffic to your site. More the links you get to your domain, higher will be the search engine rankings. Similarly, more visitors also mean, more number of clicks your advertising links are likely to get. All these user friendly actions will result in an increased income.

c) The power of selling: A good expired domain name is a powerful tool that can result in very handsome gains to you. Recently, trading in them is getting popular as a mode of earning large profits. There are instances, when dealers making millions of dollars within the blink of an eye-lid! There are several ways and means, by which you can use it to make big gains. You can either develop a web site on one of those expired domain names or sell them as they come to you. However, you will need a very good and strong expired domain, before you can sell it to others.

d) Selling expired domain name traffic: This is yet another example of setting up a strong and stable financial base with your expired domains. A large inventory of traffic means more number of people visiting your domain. Once you lay your hands on one with a known history of traffic, you can sell both the domain and the attached traffic for a lucrative profit.

Careful planning and a viable buying strategy will help you buy a good and meaningful expired domain name that can become a big money-spinner in the times to come.
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John Khu is an author and also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is also the owner of the path breaking web site called
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