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Using Content To Boost Your Traffic And Profits

Dec 23, 2007
Most people are not aware of how very important content is to the online business. Content can actually do more to build your business and profits that any other service or resource available and is very valuable because of this. You can add content for free and if you have a website about a certain topic, you obviously know enough about that to create some content.

Here are some key ways how content helps to build your traffic, customers and subscribers.

Using content can boost your daily visitor count and search engine ranking. Using keyword rich content and articles on your website is what you need to think about. If, for example, your business sells pet food, pet-related articles and content will attract customers who would not otherwise have found your website. Anyone who wants to buy pet food has a pet and will be interested in other content. If you have a wide range of articles, they can choose to read what interests them and not read what doesn't.

You can offer content in the form of manuals or 'special reports' as a bonus for subscribing to your publication. People love to feel they are getting something for free and offering them something like this can boost the number of newsletter subscribers you have.

You can use content to create an automated cashflow. You do this by using your content to formulate multi-part email training courses. Sprinkle web-related or affiliate links throughout the course. You can use an autoresponder service to automate the delivery of your course (perhaps a 6 part training course delivered over a 6 day period). Training courses can be a great bonus offer for anything thinking of signing up to your newsletter.

You need to cultivate your list rather than just have a list of names and email addresses. This is about building trust with your subscribers. If you send informative articles to them regularly, you are establishing yourself as an expert in your topic and gaining their trust. Because of this, your subscribers will be happier to take advantage of your paid services and products. Make sure you never offer them anything of inferior quality to make a quick buck - you will lose them (and their trust in you) altogether. A cultivated list of subscribers is like money in the bank. Treat them well and keep the newsletters relevant and interesting.

You can also submit ready-made articles to a website which needs content, attaching a resource box. A resource box is a 3 to 6 line bio about you and your website with a link attached to your site. When submitting your articles in this way, make sure to say that each article is reprinted 'as is' with the resource box attached.

Even a single article can greatly help to get no-cost traffic and visitors to your website. If your article is sent out to 100,000 subscribers, many of these will end up visiting your website.

Content is becoming even more important as the key to generating traffic, subscribers and, most importantly, customers!
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Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of Be Successful News , a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.
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