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Best Marketing Ideas Shared With Network

Dec 23, 2007
Some of the best ideas on building a marketing network come from other marketers. Just because they may not be exceptionally successful does not mean they do not have good ideas to share with others, it may be they do not have the knowledge required to execute their plans. Even the best ideas can be lost in a room full of experts and the new marketer is often ignored.

There are many forums on network marketing that offers sincere advice as well as tried and true methods of successfully marketing not only to potential customers but also to other networks. However, all the information gleaned from network marketing forums will be of any use if action is not taken on that information. Additionally, if an idea is tried and worked, it should be shared with others. Competition is not always a bad thing, it is what makes people and companies better.

There are different forums on network marketing that are geared to specific industries. All businesses, regardless of product or services that use marketing techniques and styles that have made them successful. There are also no rules against using hybrid plans to form a new marketing effort. Simply because the idea works in one industry does not mean it will not work in a different industry. There may be certain aspects of the plan that will need changed to meet industry-specific standards, but the underlying message should also work in other areas.

Visiting network marketing forums in the stealth mode is a great way of gathering ideas and information from others. However, by never joining or posting to a forum may still not provide the best answers to marketing questions. Believe it or not, those who visit marketing forums may be competitive but they are also helpful. Do not be afraid to post questions about specific actions that should or should not be taken.

No matter how irrelevant it may sound, chances are you are not the only person with the same question who is afraid to ask for fear of looking stupid. It has often been stated that the only dumb question is the one that was never asked and letting others know you are not the expert by asking a question, may lead to follow up questions by others. It will definitely take less time than perusing the internet for the answer to your unasked question.

Additionally, visiting a network marketing forum will also show that there are many different views on the same subject. Look at all the answers and suggestions and use on or more, or better yet, combine them to create the right answer that will work for you and your business. One thing about internet network marketing is no one is quite sure what will work unless it is tried.

When first learning to market a network it always pays to utilize your strengths and have no fear of asking for help with your weaknesses. The only way to be a success is to maximize your strengths and then share what you are doing with others. They may be able to help with areas that lack control, helping you build and strengthen your network marketing strategy.
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