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A New Business Card For A New Home Business Career

Dec 23, 2007
When you're starting a new home business career, you really need to think about redesigning your business card. The truth is a business card can assist people in making assumptions about you and your company. So, you'll want to be sure your best foot is put forward with a great new business card. After all, a business card is something that can say a lot.

In fact, in many Asian countries when you exchange business cards with someone it is very serious. Asian business people take their business associations very seriously and will not freely hand out cards to random patrons. When they do hand you a business card, it is done carefully with the front of the card facing toward the recipient. They would never dare give a wrinkled or dingy card to someone, as they feel a business card directly represents their business in a minor way. In addition, when an Asian business person does hand their card to someone, the person is expected to fully inspect the card for a moment. If someone accepts a card and doesn't take the time to fully look at the card, the business person is offended greatly.

In America, people take their business cards much less seriously. However, if you think about it a business card is indeed a direct representation of your business. Sure it is only 3.5 inches by 2 inches and will easily fit in a pocket. But, it can also be the first impression you make on a client or a potential customer. Think about these tips when designing your new business card for your new home business career.

The main thing to remember when designing your new business card is to keep it simple. You want to get your main points across (your name, business name, phone number, and address) before thinking of anything else. The design of the card can be colorful if you'd like, but it should not be overwhelming with color. It should be done tastefully and look professional.

You should think about the colors and the style of your card. You want your business card to relay who you are and what your business style is. For example, you if you're a business person you wouldn't want to have balloons on your business card (unless your company is a birthday décor firm). Be sure your cards match what you do and who you are.

Some of the industries biggest names are saying that the biggest trend in business cards today is the use of the back of the card. There are many things you can do with the back of a business card. One thing that is increasingly popular is the addition of a small calendar on the back of a business card. People are more likely to hold on to your card, in case they need a calendar on the go. So, although it would cost a little more per card to have them printed, using the back of the card can be a positive marketing strategy.
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