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With Good Marketing Network Product Sales Are Easy

Dec 23, 2007
When you read about a company that is offering the best product at the best price, they are not marketing they are advertising. In addition, if the advertisement claims the product will be around forever and cannot possibly be replace by a different one for less money, there is a good chance it is an exaggeration. For example when a product is advertised as new and improved, it begs the question of whether it is new or improved since it cannot be both.

If it is new, there would be no reason to improve it, and if it is improved, it is not new, it is just a better version of the old one. Advertising often offers basically true yet misleading statements and the ad will disappear after a short run. However, marketing is delivering the same message on a consistent basis, with little or no exaggeration, as repeated misstatements will ruin the reputation of a customer leading to a negative marketing campaign by competitors.

A good marketing plan can sell product regardless of its price or its quality. Truth in advertising laws protect people from fraudulent claims made for products, which is why marketing is so important to many companies. Marketing will focus on the benefits of the product and what it can do as opposed to pointing out the negatives and what it is not capable of doing. Making the customer feel good about the company makes them feel good about the product.

Think about some of the major companies in the past who marketed products that may not have been the best, yet were more expensive that those of equal quality. Consider the company that offer a lifetime warranty on product bearing their brand name and how the costs compared to others costing roughly the same, if not less. It was not the quality of the item that was being advertised, rather it was the guaranteed free replacement marketing that helped it rise to become the number one seller.

Other companies may have advertised their products, possibly even pointing out they were cheap enough that if they broke it can be replaced at less cost. What they failed to recognize was the importance of the quality implied through marketing. No where was it ever stated that the company was so confident in the quality that if it ever breaks they will replace it for free. They left out the confidence part in their ads, using the implication of quality or free replacement in their marketing theme to build brand loyalty.

Yes, the items did break and yes, they offered free replacement, but many consumers chose not to take advantage of the guarantee at the moment it broke and by the time they remembered it, it had been lost or discarded. It is this level of marketing that helps a company develop strong brand loyalty and increase sales over implications never stated in advertising. The same technique used in internet network marketing can provide a strong loyal customer base, regardless of the price or the quality of the merchandise.
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