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Internet Marketing: How To Write A Good Article

Dec 23, 2007
Good writing is a critical skill if you want to be successful online. Whether affiliate marketing, creating your own products or article marketing your words are your salesmen.

They are what convert readers into buyers.

This article is going to show you powerful and easy to implement methods guaranteed to make your writing more compelling and easy to read.

Write in the same way you speak. Many people take on a stilted writing style that sounds unnatural. This is bad. Pretend as though you're sitting down with someone and telling them about your product or service in person, and write from that perspective.

Make your sentences natural and down to earth. This may mean writing fractions, and breaking many other grammar rules. Though, you would probably get an F in English class for writing like this, your increase in sales will definitely make up for it.

Always read your writing aloud when finished. You'll catch areas of roughness that would otherwise go undetected if only read silently.

Use contractions. Contractions make your writing read more smoothly. Notice when you talk, you most likely use contractions. This is the way people naturally speak. Contractions make writing less boring and formal. So, instead of saying I can not wait to meet you, say I can't wait to meet you. It simply sounds and looks better.

Use verbs rather nouns. Verbs convey action while nouns are boring. Use verbs whenever possible in place of nouns. This makes your writing seem more action packed as compared to dull.

Keep your sentences short. This is a big one. No one likes to read long-winded sentences. People always prefer short, clear and simple sentence structures. Go through your message and edit it for any excess words that don't have to be there. Every excess word you cut makes your message more distilled and powerful. Obviously a good thing!

 Keep your paragraphs short. Long paragraphs of dense text look ominous and are intimidating to read. Do your readers a favor and give them short concise paragraphs.

With sales copy especially, you can break a paragraph in the middle of an idea, as long as it's not confusing. The point here is to carry the person right on down the letter. Starting paragraphs with words like "So..." "And..." and "Not to mention..." will keep your readers' attention.

While simple, the above points work wonders for making your writing more lively and effective. After all, you won't get far as an internet marketer if you can't write (or pick out a good copywriter). This is a skill definitely worth cultivating. Doing so is bound to pay rich dividends in your life.

Skim through these points again just before you write next. You'll be very happy with the results.

Once you have written your article always spell check it to make sure there are no spelling mistakes etc.

Once you have a number of articles on the same subject there are many ways you can profit from them.

You can of course use them on article directories such as this one to increase traffic to your website - by having a link to it in your author bio.

Also upload a copy of the article to your own website to help build it. If you do this with all of your articles you will soon have an impressive website.

You can of course sell the articles.

Articles are much sought after by other web masters and you can soon build a list of regular customers if you have a popular subject and you can write articles that they like.

You can sell them on ebay or through internet marketing forums.

Articles can be a great source of income for you whilst driving traffic to your website, they should not be overlooked.
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